Loving the troublemaker update!


Hey! Keep in mind that troublemaker is free for the first 30 days trial, so you aren’t paying anything yet.
If you aren’t happy with troublemaker feel free to cancel the sub from your apple subscriptions page - this will stop any payment and return you to the normal membership at the end of the 30 days :slight_smile:

Also - we are definitely not purposely “dropping the conversion rate” - with updates a few bugs may slip through, but we will always work hard to fix them asap. Just keep an eye out :smiley:


To be fair, I’m done with the excuses. I’m going to delete my account.


Hey @Kyle93, CTO here. Sorry to hear you have trouble with conversion. We have no reason to lower conversion on TM as it contradicts what we offer and people are not stupid. More over our mission is make people active, not angry. I will be super happy if you would have 100% conversion to coins! Could you let me know if you are on iOS or Android?


I am on iOS! iPhone 7. To be completely honest. You can see several threads on the forum. Clearly stating the loss of coins or not converting… I’ve never ever had one issue with sweatcoin since joining two nearly three years ago… trouble maker update comes out I have nothing but issue after issue… losing 10K steps every 12K I do… it’s demotivating and yes it is a massive off-put for new users or current users… this is my personal opinion and to have two/three years of effort go down the drain you can understand my frustration. We have waited a long time for trouble maker and for
It not to work properly when you’ve charged people is a massive kick in the teeth. I just want my conversion sorting out because I enjoy using sweatcoin and I have a goal to reach.


I completely understand and share your frustration. Let me know your username so I can check what is going on.


Kyleom93 Thankyou I appreciate it.


I’ve checked your account and I can see that you are still on old GPS algo which only works outdoors, and I’ve checked few of the bad conversion cases and in most cases it was steps you took in one location point (algo requires you to move in space, like walk in one direction outdoor).

However your device (iPhone 7) should be eligible for new algo which works without GPS and should verify all the steps regardless of whether they are taken indoors, outdoors or somehow else. Do you see yellow migration banner at the top of your screen?


I don’t understand why breaker worked for two years happily no trouble and I work on a building
Site or various customers houses my construction work varies. Also I’ve lost around 30/35K this week alone in steps. I don’t see no
Banner either



It is hard to predict how GPS work on particular device in particular location around the world. But we rely heavily on GPS accuracy in order to verify movement. iOS 13 made our lives even harder, and GPS there works even worse, moreover it might just stop working for a user for some period (iOS bug). Thats why we come up with new algo, which do not rely on GPS any longer and conversion is a way more predictable and stable, for most of the iOS users it is close to 100%.

Our analytics indicate that you have been presented with migration banner last time on May 11th and no banner since then. May I ask you to do two things for me:

  1. Just uninstall the app, reinstall it and pay attention during onboarding, one of the first steps after a name should ask you for Health Kit access, give it and once successfully logged in you will be on new algo.

  2. If 1. doesn’t work (please describe precisely what you’ve seen during onboarding) or you presented with GPS access step during onboarding, uninstall the app once again, then reboot your device and reinstall it back. Let me know if Health Kit access step appears for you after that during onboarding.

Do not worry about trouble maker, you will be able to restore it from trouble maker screen.


Neither do I :slight_smile: It is strange


All done. Enabled health kit etc.


I will keep monitoring your account for today, let me know how it works for you and if there any issues.


I appreciate your quick responses and explanations.


I’m just starting but so far I like it. It’s simple and keeps me on track for staying active I love it! :smile::revolving_hearts::+1:


No free trial option here.

And I’m loathe to pay, given I’ve had regular problems with steps being approved for months. I had 3 days of that just last week. But my next monthly charge is due in 3 days, so I need to decide soon.

I’m being told £1.19 a month, £6.49 for 6 months, or £11.99 for a year.

The cynical side of me is now asking how long before we have to earn twice as many for the Marathon Offers - effectively meaning we don’t reach them any sooner, and are now paying real money towards them :thinking:

I currently have almost 14,700 coins, so only need another 5,300 to be able to cash out. At 42/day for 240 days a year (which is where work would easily get me if my step conversion doesn’t fall down), that means just over 6 months as I’ll also earn some on days off (just not as many) and will no longer be spending 30 coins a month for my membership level. On Breaker I’m looking at another 14 months…

But it’s never been clear what I’d get if I cashed out. The front page shows a picture with $1000 that has £1000 over it. When I go in to read the details it says $1,000USD - and that’s NOT £1000 as per the front pic. I’m sure it used to say paid through PayPal, but it now says ‘sent via Transferwise’ which I’ve had to Google (and would appear to be a slightly better $US to £UK rate than PayPal today - $1000US giving me £818 instead of £798).

Assuming it stays at 20k coins to cashout, and I have an average of 23,000 steps a day converted for 240 days a year - plus 8,000 a day for the other 125 days, and an average of 2 coins a day from the bonuses…

On breaker that’s 6530 coins a year, less 360 for membership. So 6,170 a year towards my reward. It would take me 39 months to have 20,000 coins in my balance.

Move up (and assume approved rate doesn’t suffer) and I’m looking at 13,770 a year (also assuming still on 2 day average for bonuses - will go up slightly if that doubles too). So it’s now 17.5 months - plus 18 months membership (a minimum of £18.48). In 36 months I’d be able to cash out twice by paying almost £36 in real cash.

A fairly good return on the investment IF we have assurances we don’t have to earn more for these rewards and they’re not going to be removed.


No free trial showing on mine - and very reluctant to pay without trying it out first as I’ve had approved step issues on and off for months, especially since they started to include indoor steps (which rather ironically I have very few of as I don’t carry my phone around the house or office, and spend most of my working day outdoors!)


No free trial option on my Android phone :frowning:


I think i clicked on the £1.19 option first then when you go to the next screen it tells you have the first month free, also if i remember correctly i had to connect it to my google account.


I think you can cancel your subsciption aswell i.e go back down to breaker if u want to, same as you can do at the moment but i think you got to wait till you finish the number of days left on your current level


So this morning I decided to risk it for a month.

Clicked, and was then told that I’d get 30 days free before paying (so the info from Dude was correct - thanks @Dude ). So I got everything set up, my account upgraded, and headed out for a 5k run.

Came home, and Sweatcoin showed I had 5806 steps to be converted. Connected to my wi-fi, and it chugged away for a short while.

But others are correct - the approval rate is about the worst I’ve ever seen. Just 515 steps approved, giving me a meagre 0.97 coins. If this isn’t sorted soon there’d better be a way of getting back down to Breaker, because I’m NOT paying real money for such a shocking return.

Moto e5 Play on Android 8.1.0, running Sweatcoin version 28.1, username cheryl117170