Loving the troublemaker update!


My bonuses aren’t doubling up either - I’m also on Android


I’m in Canada, android. The $1000 was taken away and replaced with something else. Carrot on a stick?


it’s still there for me


@cw18 If I can give you an advice, try to walk with your phone as usual, don’t stare at the screen in our app while you’re walking, and don’t force send, your conversion rate should be significantly better.

As I have explained it above to @Kyle93, we have no reason to lower conversion for Troublemaker users, our mission is make people active, not angry.

Also, I’ve described what kind of issues we face on different platforms here, worth reading:

And here is the thread, where we try to collectively find solution on different Android devices:

There will be another thread soon with current state of conversion, our actions toward different Vendors and current solutions we have with tips on how to improve overall conversion.


I never watch the screen while walking or running - my phone is always in a pocket.

But I did force send. I sometimes connect to my WiFi and wait for it to do automatically - only for it not to have started a good half hour later. At that point I hit the button to make it send.

If doing that is messing the approval rate, then there’s something seriously wrong with the system !!!

I’ve been into that other thread a number of times, and regularly check that none of my settings have been corrupted due to an update to any of my apps or the operating system. Everything is spot on for a Motorola as best I can tell.


Please try to reboot your device, open the app and keep using it normally, I believe everything will be fine. Force sending shouldn’t affect conversion though, I just meant that walking with phone in your hand can affect it negatively, not significantly though. As I explained, there are thousand of different Android devices with different versions of custom Android OS builds, it is just impossible for now to work on all of them perfectly, but we are moving into this direction.


Yo how did you get double daily bonus


And again. Phone has been rebooted, and all settings were checked (for the umpteenth time) yesterday.
Just back from another 5k run. Phone shows 6,360 steps, of which the algorithm has approved just 3,822.