Low conversion rate


I am testing out the trouble maker, but have noticed that my conversion over the last two days has dropped to around 50%. Attached are screenshots for reference. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? I have been walking the same route and never changed any settings on my phone. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.



Yea, I’ve been experiencing that as well but it’s been on and off. Some days the conversion rate is good and other times it doesn’t analyze my steps as well. I’d walk about 25k steps and they’ll only convert 17-18k. On good days walking 25k will convert to about 24k steps. Not exactly sure what the issue is but I hope it gets fixed soon!


Yep mine is rubbish today , good first thing this morning but i don’t think it has converted the rest of the day


Thank you. i think 17k out of 25k steps is still a good conversion, though., Yes, I hope they fix it soon.


Hello everyone

Today I lost 6000 steps in the conversion. Same route Everything has been mostly spot on. I would love to know what causes this. Today I was texting a bit as I walked. Would this interfere? I made two short phone calls. Would this interfere? I wore a different pair of shorts and my phone sits more snuggly to my thigh. Could this cause the shortage? Does the level of membership have anything to do with it? My Apple health app registered all my steps but I lost 6000 in the conversion. Oh well I trust the powers to be are keeping up with our concerns. If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them. Stay safe everyone.


Hi, I walked 10 miles with my friend yesterday. We both use Sweatcoin. She uses android I use iOS.
I lost over 5000 steps in conversion.
But today I think I sussed it.
If you are on iOS you are better off with your phone in your jacket pocket. Apparently it’s down to gyroscopic movement.


Mine too (starting about 4 days ago). However I have 50-60% only when I RUN/boost. Still got nearly 100% for moderate walking and indoor.
Probably a glitch in the code…


The tactic I use most of the time, is restarting my phone, wait about a minute to ensure the pedometer is getting reset, up and running again.

Also keep an eye on Google fit, as the steps counter is similar to Sweatcoin’s