Major issues. App won't even open


Very early yesterday the app analysed and converted some steps for me.

Yesterday evening I connected to the internet and opened it up to process the rest from the day as per normal. It happily let me collect my bonuses, but wouldn’t analyse a single step. It didn’t start automatically (even after an hour), so I hit the button and all I got was a circling thing.

Had to give up trying when I went to bed :frowning:

Had a quick try after I walked to work this morning - same thing.

Came home, and two hours connected to the internet left me with nothing analysed (an hour hoping it would go automatically but didn’t, then press button and see the circling thing every time I check). But once again I managed to collect my bonuses.

I’ve changed NO settings on my phone. Had a trawl through the forum, and saw advice from previous reports of this which suggested uninstalling and reinstalling.

So I’ve just done that.

Now I can’t even open Sweatcoin :o I get a ‘Sweatcoin has stopped working’ message as soon as it tries to launch. I’ve even rebooted my phone, but it’s still doing this every time :frowning:

Not a happy bunny. It’s bad enough when I’m not getting a decent conversion but still being charged sweatcoins for the privilege. Now I’m not far off having my first real cash payment taken off me for the TroubleMaker level and I can’t even get the app to open!!

I’m using a Moto E5 Play running Android 8.1.0 (seems to have stopped updating at this), and have Sweatcoin 29.1 installed

(And I don’t know if I’ve any other way of cancelling my payment, other than cancelling my credit card!)


Hey @cw18. I am sorry that you experience such issues. Android is very complicated platform when it comes for an app to work in background, hence all of those issues comes mostly from Android. Here is a bit more info about Android issues: The fixed the approved steps issue!

First of all, we cannot do any digging without knowing your username on the platform, so please, always provide this information with any report. Otherwise we most probably going to skip it, as it will require more time from us, which we simply don’t have (we are very small company).

Second of all, if you would like to cancel your subscription, here is the link:


I don’t know my username - I always get it from inside the App (which won’t open, so I can’t get it). I have put in on posts in this forum before, but don’t know how to search for those!!

I don’t want to cancel - I want the app to work. I should be able to redeem the big cashout in a few months, and I don’t want to give up on that after all the hard work I’ve put in!! But if it doesn’t start working again in the next few days I may have no other option, so thanks for the link.


Just found username in todays ‘statement’ email



@cw18 could you please try clean reinstall of the app (delete and install again)? Don’t worry about your wallet, just use the same phone number and you’ll log back in.


In total desperation I’ve done the following…

Reboot phone
Reboot phone

And the app now opens.


It shows 20,313 total steps on the home page (as per Google Fit)
But it shows ZERO approved, and ZERO awaiting analysis
So I’ve lost a complete day - including my x2 boost

And I still don’t know whether the analysis will work tomorrow, or if I’m going to see that circle of death again !!

Longer until payment is due than I thought. 12 days to go, so I’ll leave it as is for the next week - but any more problems before a week on Sunday and I’ll be dropping back down to Breaker. If I risk staying on Trouble Maker I won’t be paying for more than a month at a time until I’m happy with the conversions for a full month.