Make the prices cheaper


The reason I said that is that my family and friends help me getting sweatcoins. The big item I want is the LED tv and for that I need 20,000! So far I have 3,900 and I need 16,100 more and this will take years. So if you think “It’s A Great idea I would love it, if not then you can donate sweatcoins to me(my name is SYOMA) or if your new use my link:
:point_right: Check out this free app :point_up_2: It pays to #StayHome and be active.

And uhh yeah have a great day and exercise at home, but if you want to get out just be careful about COVID-19 and yeah see you later when I see you again👋


You can’t buy big ticket items with sweatcoins people have Sent you.


Big ticket? You mean loads of sweatcoins your friends can give?


You earn it through being “active” hard work! Transferred coins would just be cheating.

Keep active :walking_man:t5:‍♂:sunglasses:


Marathon prizes. The 20K ones. Can’t be bought buy people who have been given coins for example/

If I give you 10K coins because you already had 10K you would not be able to get the 20K prize because I sent you coins.


I see then can the creators make it fair can they just accept the friends coins from now on because it takes decades to do it


Wouldn’t say decades. It’s taken me around 20months for 6.5k sweatcoins. Bare in mind I have sent my family member some as well as bought things.


Because your so good in walking


I work on a huge building site. Wouldn’t say I love walking exactly if you think that then meet my ole frennn’ walkathon @Phatt.One lol.


I’d say my ears were burnin’.but that would be complete BS, I saw a notification :rofl:. What I miss??

Yes… I enjoy the footwork… even with nowhere to go… or going nowhere :rofl:

Just for clarity… going nowhere = treadmill :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I’ve been at it around 3 years and I’ve converted just over 18M steps now, even with the daily bonuses and competition winnings I wouldn’t quite have collected 20k Sweatcoins. I say I wouldn’t have because I’ve donated a majority of my coins to show support for the charities. My current wallet balance only shows 416.75SWC… all earned :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Wow but can you at least still get watch sometimes? (they pop it up) Please don’t tell me it needs to be owned by you.


Prizes change all the time. But yeah I’m sure most big sweatcoin prizes have to be earned by you.


The point of these big expensive prizes is so it motivates you to walk more or it’s for people who commonly walk marathons.


I know but like I really want it :pensive:


No one commonly walks marathons lol…


I mean people who’s into that stuff and walks a lot ALOT


I like it how people are supporting me :grinning: by clicking it. So far 5 guys click my link(6 others my friends and family) this is great guys raise the support of clicking the link and thanks guys hope you all stay motivated :+1:.


i got 1.6k sweatcoins after 2 month and a half so that shouldn’t take too long


At least 3 years mate.


Apparently That time can be cut down with a trouble maker subscription (released today)