Make the prices cheaper


Is it actually being released today though lol. I’ve checked a few times already today.


Update and restart your phone


Buzzing. 1 year for my targets now :). Should be able to redeem that £1000 by February.


If I decide to move to troublemaker I think I would probably have to start actually collecting coins again, if only to try and justify to myself paying another subscription fee to the appstore.


6.4k myself atm. Mate. Seeing your stats 50k a day ain’t nothing for you lol.


I’m on an Android device and it shows all my coins in one total? How can I see how many coins were transferred?


no way, you just need better legs


The 2x step conversion for 1000 steps not working for new update(yes I have update and restart I know there is trouble maker) I have walk a bit more than 7,000 steps today and obviously I receive around 6.70 around there doesn’t that mean they must give me extra 6.70 or 7.00?(by the way use my link please)


The x2 Sweatcoins is a benefit of the Trouble Maker subscription only. It doesn’t apply to all levels.


It helps a lot!!! Loving it.


Hmmmm… If I am honest, it’s not really doing me much of a favour at this particular moment in time :rofl:

Well… the doubler isn’t anyway :rofl: