Marathon & auction winners


If you have received one of the big prizes from the marathon offers (before they took them away) or an auction can you send a pic of your prize to this thread? I’ve been using this app for about 2 years and haven’t seen 1 persons proof of one of the big prizes yet… Just seems fishy to me


I’ve read plenty regarding the auction winners on other threads.
But strangely nothing at all from the initial marathon rewards, which is weird considering the lucky recipients had to film the trips they earnt & post on social media.


Yeah it’s as if they stopped the marathon offers just before the first initial users reached the target, annoying.


I reckon NO ONE has got the bucket list ones but there are a few who got the marathon offers


There was @Eamtan who got the marathon offer recently


I know one guy who won the mirror and got £1100 in to his account.


This email screenshot might be the best proof of my marathon win for the 55’'Samsung Smart TV in Dec 2020 (slightly under 2 year after joining the app, thanks to the Trouble Maker status of 50 SWC daily)


So do you need a account with transfer wise or do they just ask for your normal
Bank details.also you didn’t win a auction. You claimed a marathon prize correct?


Just need to give they your bank acc and they will transfer the money into it.
I have never heard of Transferwise before winning the reward but somehow, I am very impress with the speed of the transfer of cash into my account.

Yes my win is for the marathon reward although looking at the hindsight, I might be one of the top few members with lots of Auction-able SWC at that time and can win almost any Auction prize available but a confirm win from Marathon is definitely better than a bigger Auction win. It is wiser to go for certainty over uncertainty as one really do not know how competitive the rest of the SWC members are and there is also no transparency of any kind at all. Bluntly put it, I was really very doubtful about getting any real reward at all from SWC app during that time.


That’s awesome man thanks for sharing


Thank you for sharing!