Marathon Offer Ideas


I know you guys are always trying to expand your offer catalog. I think a pedal bike company would be a good fit for you guys. With the popularity of E-bikes taking off your Sweatcoin group would be interested in something like a $1000 off a E-Bike. There are many smaller companies making them now, but I know of one that wants to get 100000 people on an e-bike this year. The name of the company is Sondors. They have done the crowdfunding thing and apparently put out a very good product for a reasonable price. I really don’t know anymore about them except one would think they would love the exposure to your outdoor and active group.
There are higher end companies that produce ebikes. Look up Eric Buell and the Fuell Fluid electric bicycle, he puts out a very nice product and is just getting started with a couple of different models. They are higher end, but very nice and would fit in with your marathon product offerings.
Just a suggestion, I know I would be happy to get a nice discount on a good bike and it goes well with your company direction of exercise.


I’d rather have cash or Amazon gift cards, even if it was less than the supposed going rate. None of the physical offerings are of interest to me.

It would be great if there was a way to sell usable coins.


It is nice to have choices for sure. I think that bikes, especially e-bikes, are all the rage these days and since there are so many smaller companys making them there is a space for Sweatcoin to get in on it. More choices make everyone happy.


@Hudler An E Bike would make a great prize. Great idea


A E-BIKE Does sounds mega cool.


I’ve actually been looking at the possibility of gettin myself an e-bike for gettin to and from gigs that are a little further out. Recently got rid of my car after reasoning that over the past 12 months I’ve travelled around 6 times further on foot than I have in the car :rofl:.

These Sondor EBikes actually seem quite reasonably priced. Would be handy if the European site showed standard dimension like frame size and appropriate currencies. Although I’m sure it’s something that won’t be too difficult to get out of em.
Awesome Find!! :sunglasses::+1:t4:


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Good Afternoon, hope everyone is well.

The Bang Olufsen headphones is sold out now surely that will be replaced now? I’m not surprised that’s sold out they look decent.

So what will be the plan now surely a replacement ?


Confession Time…

That was an offer I was actually finally slowly saving for :rofl: Although in fairness, the fact they’ve sold out could be a blessing in disguise to save me from myself… I have only two ears and many different pairs of headphones, earphones, earbuds or whatever the descriptions.


Haha. Something decent to replace it hopefully. Sweatcoin isn’t a scam like some people mention If they’ve sold out.


Ello mate. I’m surprised the holidays haven’t been bought up yet… considering they cheaper and obviously
Seem more worth while… anywho as you said would be pucca to see what’s what now :).


Yeah hopefully something decent.


I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty sure it’s not just me that hasn’t had the Bucket List travel offers on their app for quite a while now. :man_shrugging:t3:


You’d need a motorbike license for that rance of bikes, anything over 250w needs a license… The G Tech e bike at under a grand seems good value, plus no license required


I’ve had the Disney,igloo etc etc for ages. Same as then olufsen bang headphones. Now they’ve sold out I’m hoping something cool comes along. The go pro is no use to me neither is that tv… neither was the iPhones to be fair. £1000 cash do
Me nice for May. Also. In England / UK. We can’t actually ride electric scooters on the pavement or anywhere barring private land. I was looking at getting a electric scooter to get around on but it’s not worth the hassle of it being confiscated. E bikes I ain’t a clue on what’s what with them.


Great suggestion here!
I will be sure to pass this along to our partnerships team, who are working hard on adding more marathon offers, alongside other goodies, in the marketplace.
We have some really cool changes coming to the marketplace too – so keep your eyes peeled!


We’re adding in loads of new offers and have some new things in the mix – keep an eye out for them really soon! :slight_smile:


To be honest. Is there any chance of lowering the tv / go pro price. Considering the £1000 is 20K and the tv is around £650 ideally it should be
10-15K for the tv and 5-7.5K for the go pro. Given on the price tags.


We’ll certainly take your suggestions on board :slight_smile:


Appreciate it Emma. I will watch this space.


Tickets to the superbowl. Lol