Marathon offers dissapeared


I read it dissapeared in some countries. Is it come again, do you know?


No mate not as far as I am aware


They have gone to an auction format. I couldn’t see the auctions in my country until recently. Very nice format with one being held about once a day. A mix of mid priced and higher priced merchandise along with some great gift cards. Including the all important (to the forum) 1k Amazon card.


Ok but they reduced variety. There was many options but now only one auction for all member.


A brand new item every day! That’s pretty cool! Maybe as the app grows they will hold more auctions simultaneously? I have a ways to go before I can bid on most things, but this is a great start and motivator.


Too bad that there’s super high Sweatcoin inflation. The greatly more readily available Sweatcoins cause the average auction to move from 13k Sweatcoins all the way up to 20k Sweatcoins as of February 2021.


Going to be virtually impossible to get anything.


Marathon offers are back :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


And i just managed to invite another


There not back mate?


They will if you invite 30 people
still don’t understand the philosophy behind these
Lose your auctions


I’ve invited 18 so far. When I saw someone said they didn’t have auctions because of being a influencer I was like nomore invites from me lol.


Now it’s a yes please


Oh and i think i said it
I kind of take that back
Sorry mods