Marathon offers have dissapeared


Where have the marathon offers gone. Since installing the new version the offers are not showing. Has anyone else had the same problem or has sweatcoins removed the offers.


They are being replaced by auctions. If you look at the threads on the site there’s plenty of info. We share your disappointment.


Shouldn’t of removed the marathon offers though. As promised by ashton they were staying. We are here yet again believing another blag.


I still have them here in Cincinnati


They are going for sure as I have seen my friends phone which has the suction but no marathon offers. They only installed the app about 10 days ago.


Yes we have them but being replaced shortly when the new auction method is rolled out. Could also be country specific but either way they realise they can’t afford to run with the current (soon to be old) method.


This is a mystery, have you installed the new version yet.


No new update for
To install


I see the Disney trip has gone. Maybe we will see the Infamous video taken by the winner :sleeping:


@Kyle93 don’t if it comes up. My step conversions have turned to S##t


Yeah so has mine lol. Disney stulll here for


I think they make the marathon offers up as they go along. On some phones, not others and in some countries and not others etc. You can’t tell me they are not being manipulated when people get close. I also suspect when they roll out to new countries such as in India recently they put the PayPal one on to suck people in (just as we were).


India has 1.3B people lol… yet they remove the 1K for UK …


In Israel it’s still there, but I doubt it will be after the auction update


Too many poeple getting close to it so they where never going to pay out. Notice the new version they just installed removes the converted figure off the front page and just show steps. When you do find the conversion it doesnt inckude the boost and bonus. They are making it as hard as possibler to track conversion rates’ Old front page showed total steps, total approved and sweatcoins earned for the day. Why have they removed this on the new version ?


The marathon offers are still there, however, they have been moved.
Scrolling down to where they used to be you’ll find the new “Auctions” tab.

If you continue scrolling right to the bottom, you’ll find the marathon offers


I am in the UK and no marathon offers here, it just goes from auction to crowd funding.


Same here @Kevster ah well.