Marathon offers


Hi All, Do we know if the Marathon offers like IPhone are returning? I’m now passing 7.3 million steps and it seems the IPhone offer has gone and only the $1000 offer remains. i’m getting to 18,000 SC on steps alone and it now seems there are no offers worth redeeming against. My main driver for using the app this long was for the phone offer.
Are there any plans to add more wearables into the offers for those not needing a phone to redeem 20000 SC against? Like Garmin? Apple watch?


You have 18000 sweatcoins?!


yeah i walk too much, walking the dog morning and night, then walking in the day, been on sweatcoin since the start.


FairPlay!!! How long have you had swc


Sorry to question you- but how have you got 18K swc if you’ve only converted 7.6M steps? I have 6.6 myself and I only have 6250 in total coins. So unless you’ve been sent a bunch I find it hard to believe.


No thats cool, sensible to ask,i used to walk with my wife alot, she had sweatcoin too. She gave up with it and donated her coins to me, hence the high number. With the rule change on what you can redeem i now have alot of coins i cant use for the marathon offers as all coins must be earned on your own. Sensible change on SC part, however a real pain for someone who has used the app daily for 3yrs plus and will continue to use.


That is a right pain mate… it’s a shame that.