Marathon Trip / Holiday Offers - Where are films shown?


As part of the marathon travel / holiday offer terms and conditions there is a requirement to film the adventure (which is fair enough provided it isn’t excessive).

Just wondering where we can see people’s footage who have taken the trips please?


@DaveUK As long as it’s minimal that should be ok. I wouldn’t mind that tbf. So say ‘dine at Eiffel Tower’

Not when you’re eating lol! Maybe of the Eiffel Tower yes.

Make it more so specific can you add new ones or will you be updating? @Emma @Phatt.One ( I know you don’t work for them but you are a valued member :sunglasses::joy:) @Ashton


I was thinking more about where we can watch those that have already taken place? Surely Sweatcoins wasn’t to show them if not why bother filming them? Where are they ?


Yeah good point. Gives us an idea


Where can we view the holiday films please admin?


Tick Tock admin, still waiting to hear where we can watch the films of people taking the holidays please?

Be great to hear from those who claimed the previously available £1000 via PayPal to.

Surely all these would be the gold-dust of marketing material yet not seen one!


So many users and no proof of big gifts. IT starts to look more and more like a scam.


If those bigger rewards are not there then it is a scam.

Just take them off as an option so people know the score with the rewards. There’s no way if people had filmed holidays etc (which is a requirement) that they wouldn’t be showcased all over this forum, twitter and facebook etc.

I won’t just let this go!


Films anyone? Surely someone at Sweatcoin knows?


Loooooooooooooooooooool clearly not.


Must be someone haha


Probably on an invisible holiday, watching an invisible Samsung TV (listening through non-existent headphones) while counting a pretend £1000 :smile:


Hahahaha that made me laugh mate.


Hello is there anybody there ? The films? Where are they?


there arent anything this whole thing is a scam sorry to say :frowning:


Looking more and more like it. I’m definitely not paying any money for the TM tier now. I’m going to give it til Xmas, See if the Customer Service improves, and issues and questions are truly answered🤔


I see you are still ignoring this admin! Just admit it they don’t exist. Just a matter of time before the ‘sold out’ signs are put up!


It’s strange they didn’t delete your thread already, they usually delete threads who addresses them but don’t want to answer


Yes. Doesn’t take much to work out why! All they need to do is be honest and although we will be annoyed then know where we stand. You can only fool people so long. The TV offer will be sold out, increase in coin cost or removed soon mark my words!


Has anyone else received a holiday offer or £1000? It’s looking increasingly like a big con!