Marathon Trip / Holiday Offers - Where are films shown?


Hey guys!

Please stop spreading bad karma all the time. I know admin did not reply to the films yet.

But they are answering if posting nicely. The tv guy will receive his money next week and no one posted here so far that he did not (finally) receive his reward.

So go for the 20k and assure yourself whether they pay without spreading assumptions.

Many thanks and happy sweatcoining


No Hans they are answering with bland replies to some posts. All I want is an answer to understand if the holidays / trips exist and if so would like to view them.

What comes with paid membership is a responsibility of customer care and honesty.

I am not fussed if they exist or not to the extent people are led to believe but people need to know. Same with the other bigger rewards.



Fully agree with you.

Just wanted to focus on statements that „no one gets his reward“ or things like that because these statements are not true.



Granted Hans - appreciate your reply.

Have a good day


To me the fact that no admin comments speaks volumes! I’ve tried to look on the positive side but the silence from them isn’t encouraging at all! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


The silence is deafening isn’t it Kevin. I suspect there is no answer to where the films can be viewed because they don’t exist. Just as people were getting close to the offer it was increased in value which gives them enough time to remove them and replace them as part of the revamp of the marathon offers we have been assured will be shared this week.

If those films were there they would 100% have been sharing them on social media. The same with the now removed PayPal £1000. At the same time the PayPal reward disappeared the headphones were ‘sold out’ and the TV (cash equivalent) will be gone soon I would imagine.

As I have said if the bigger rewards are not really there that’s fine but they need to stop treating people as idiots. If the smaller offers are what it’s about along with of course the real benefit of exercising that’s fine to but just be upfront admin please.


To be honest - I believe no one has claimed this offer yet since the other ones are more appealing and being filmed is not everybody’s cup of tea.

But I agree that it would be no worry to inform about this status.


Very much so Hans. It’s a reward that would still needing topping up with a personal commitment of spending (fair enough) and I must admit I could easy visualise getting there and nothing is booked etc.

Let’s see what happens with the reply.


Hey Guys - Sorry for the radio silence here, i’m meeting with the product team within the week to get some answers about this for you guys!
Be assured that when a video from the holiday offers is ready you’d see it straight away :slight_smile:


Was there supposed to be an update of some sort this week from the Admins?


I thought that. Emma mentioned it last week in relation to a revamp of the marathon rewards. I guess could be any time up until close of Friday but like you am looking forward to what the new things will be.


I would love to see one documentary


One would be a start but bearing in mind the millions of users it surprises we Sweatcoin admin have to look for them!


Has anyone seen one of these videos? Or heard from anyone claiming one of the $/£1000?


Still waiting for the travelling videos :wink:


Don’t start @DaveUK off again


FFS I had forgotten about those non-existent block busters :smile: