Marketplace update suggestions


So the sweatcoin marketplace as amazing they are there are a couple that I haven’t seen re appear for a while or have not ever appeared and I would like to see them appear so in this post today I will be suggesting things that sweatcoin should think about adding with my reasoning why it would be a great addition

This is just a draft of suggestions from myself and a couple people I have spoken to in the past on what they would like to see but this is in no way asking sweatcoin to add any of this or change what they are doing as I feel they are already doing a great job. so without any delays let’s begin


This is one of my favourite offers so far on the sweatcoin marketplace I’m not a huge tv fan but having offers like being able to watch movies and live sports certainly gives me something to do in the evenings so even though sweatcoin already sometimes has an offer I’d like to see it appear more. And could even expand on this on offer tv services like Netflix, crunchy roll premium and plenty more :grinning:


SUMMER IS APPROACHING it’s getting hotter by the day. What’s better than walking? Playing sports of course. Why not add some sports equipment to the marketplace for example American footballs, footballs, basketballs, fitness branded clothing, team kits (clothing) I feel this is somthing sweatcoin slightly lacks on and would love to see it appear on the marketplace.


Are you walking to earn sweatcoin or running to earn sweatcoin either way why not be able to purchase fitness stuff of the marketplace for your hard earned sweatcoin for example Fitness tracking gadgets, clothing, discounts on fitness stuffs, meal plans, supplements, free gym memberships,

And that’s all my suggestions for you guys today this is just a little draft I put together sort of a wish list but again not looking for sweatcoin to add any of this, this is just a base line you could say for sweatcoin rewards to be based off of.

Thank you all for reading have a great day stepping and earning sweatcoin :grinning: