Mathematically impossible to earn $1000 cash prize


This is probably the most motivational out of all the rewards. However I do not think it’s actually possible to earn it. Currently, if one purchases the largest membership the maximum amount of sweat coin you can earn each month is 600. In order to earn this prize you have to earn 20,000 sweat coin within a 24 month period . So let’s do the math. 24×600= 14,400. And this is not accounting for the fact that you would still have to pay 30 sweat coin a month in membership fees. They seem to include friend invites in this calculation, however in order to earn enough sweat coin to make up the difference between 20,000 and the 14,400 you would have to invite over 1100 friends. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even think I know that many people personally, let alone have that many friends.

I think it’s really cruel to offer an unattainable prize. One shouldn’t dangle a carrot as motivation, and then fail to reward the person afterwards.

Please set realistic goals and rewards for users.


Hello there the £1000 offer is a great offer and will take you more than 2 years to get it a few people have reached this goal so it is realistic it takes over 2 years but every step counts


On the offer it says “achievable with 24 months of steps + invites”

Now perhaps you’re saying I’m understanding this wrong and it’s not a limit - as in you must get it within 24 months to qualify,
But rather that it is possible for one to achieve it in 24 months with invites, which is better than what I thought, but it’s still a huge stretch and a bit of a lie. They are telling customers they can achieve it in 2 years when really, unless you invite over 1500 people and hit max steps on max membership everyday, it’s impossible.

They should be more forthcoming and say it will take 3 years. That’s more accurate

But at least there’s no time cap as I originally seemed to think. Which is slightly better


Hi! There’s no time cap on the marathon offers - take as long as you need :slight_smile: Also, don’t forget that we offer a daily bonus, and you get paid swc for invites.


Hi Asedra,

Your math is right.

if you are an influencer 1120 contacts (the precise number considering your math) are a matter of minutes. $1.000 is a huge deal of money to give away for free. Sweatcoin is potentially buying back sweatcoins and user base for about 1$ each user. That’s a lot of money for potential users that might just download the app and cancel it. What do you think?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that $ 1.000 is not just a carrot but a lot more. Everyone should earn it.