Membership levels


Should the price for membership levels be lowered seem unfair the more effort you put it the more they take level 2 only cost 4.75swc a month and you can earn 10 coins a day so it will take half a day to cover that then level 4 its 30swc a month that’s a day and a half each month where you are earning nothing and when your trying to get 20,000swc it’s a lot comment if you agree or disagree


Yep these changes have ruined valuations


You can cover the membership fee by just claiming the daily reward Sweatcoins. You can earn 15 Sweatcoins a week from just claiming the daily reward every day. Daily reward Sweatcoins, Sweatcoins from your invites, and Sweatcoins earned from walking outside all count towards the marathon offers like the $1000 Paypal offer.