Money is a powerful motivator


After claiming my marathon reward … my steps are spiraling downwards.


I want to know how to claim marathon reward. My rank is top 10%.


Previously before the auction scheme come into full stream, all a member need is to accumulate 20k self earned SWC to qualify for this Marathon claim.

The main difference between the current auction scheme and the previous marathon scheme is

Marathon is 100% dependent on hard work as whoever persevere for the long term (maybe 2 years or more) will be entitle to the promised reward.

Auction is totally unpredictable as it is (1) only awarded to the highest global bidding winner which is totally dependent on demand and supply and (2) availability of reward one wish to bid for (as they come in various monetary amount and type) and is only available once every 2 days.

However, no one know knows how the app will evolve into the future but I personally would prefer the marathon scheme to be exchangeable at a much higher amount of SWC, if possible.
The reason is obvious, I prefer certainty over uncertainty and I believe many will agree with me.

The recent introduction of Trouble Maker option, SWC has become much easier to collect.
However, this TM move might be necessary as it is a new revenue for the app to get recoup some $$$