Monopoly Sneak-Peak!


Hey Sweatcoiners!
We’re back again bringing you a sneak peak of a super secret feature we’ve been working on :smiley:
First up… can anyone guess what it is?
Sweatcoin Empires!

You can build up your own sweatcoin empire, taking over buildings and earning rent :scream:

With this update, you can now own different locations - and battle other owners for theirs!

What do you think? All feedback is welcome! Anything we should change?

You can see this is a huge update with a great, fun feature. While this isn’t fully released yet, we are running some tests - maybe you’re one of the lucky ones? Let us know :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel free to ask us any questions, or discuss this below :smiley:


WHOA! Sweatcoin has been busy and what a nice sneak peak at a new feature.

From the images above it looks very good and it will be very interesting to see how it works and how the competing against each other works. It looks very cool

And I noticed that you will need to keep returning to this location often so it will definitely promote getting outside

Hopefully I’m lucky and be the first to try it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for your continued hard work on the app :smiley:


Just hope it is not to much time consuming.
I like the simplicity of this app at the moment


Doesn’t the coloured dots mean how rare a property is it would be interesting to see if there is a difference in earnings if you owned a little shop compared to a football stadium it would be interesting as I think every will compete for the bigger building such as football stadiums, clock towers and other historic buildings


One last bit of feedback/advice

I hope this won’t be too battery draining and hoped that we can walk without looking at our phones and just have a notification whenever we are in range on a marked monopoly building or when we are being attacked etc instead of having to look at the map on the phone constantly to find where to go.


Looks interesting but I’m with @BATMAN321 but On the same token, look at Pokemon Go, it helped people get moving with the gamification. It depends on your drives. I tried apps like this but found I was chasing prizes and hardly moving to do it in the end because I spent more time just stood checking maps.


Very interesting idea!


YES! Finally a fun new feature that can cause competition in the app!

My friends and I would LOVE to see this implemented, as almost my entire school uses the app. Recently we haven’t really found time to use the app outside with all of the homework we’ve been getting, but I really think Sweatcoin Empires will change our priorities and get us up and moving outside again!

I REALLY hope this makes its way to the US fast!


This feature will definitely increase the walking activity even if it is just walking up and down the road to the same building point it’s better than nothing.

It will be very interesting once implemented to see how each user uses this new feature. It’s another big step sweatcoin has taken and I feel it’s a good one it brings back the competitiveness that was lost with the removal of the leaderboards and hopefully we can see more sneak peaks towards its imminent release


Agreed! Competition will really motivate me and my friends to use the app and get some exercise again.


Great seed. Competition is my main motivator too so although this was a feature I never expected to see sweatcoin implement it actually fits well to me regarding motivation so overall I’m very happy and exited for this feature


I like it and im down with it thank you sweatcoin team :heart:


In my opinion the time for someone to really enjoy this feature and have an “empire,” you would have to be in control of multiple locations. Which would require you to visit these locations every single day. I believe a decent percentage of this app is still in school or studying at a university, and people that fall under this category won’t be able to take full advantage of it due to lack of time. Maybe set it to where you visit the location one time to own it / dispute for it, and once it’s under your jurisdiction you can strengthen its defenses by keeping your average step count up? Just a thought


Will it be available to all countries

Also is there other way to lose the dot other then player takes it from me

And if my defense is 10% will i still get paid 0.1swc each day


You won’t have to participate it will just be an incentice to walk more :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for this feature! :smiley:


Interesting, but until there are more appealing ways to spend the coins I generate (such as that limited cash-out feature, or the previously suggested smaller gift cards) it isn’t much of a motivator.


Omg I would love to try this out hope I am a tester😀


Does this feature will include only in the US or it will be generated randomly ?


This sounds like the idea of Pokemon Go and Nimses combined. This sounds like a great idea and would encourage walking more outside! Please make it available for US app users and for Android users too. I hope it doesn’t cause the Sweatcoin app to be data heavy from having/using this feature.