Monopoly Sneak-Peak!


Sounds like fun! I don’t really know of anybody in my town that has this app, so more fun for me! I suggest using the Pokemon Go Pokestop list or something.

Hope I become a tester or this rolls out the US very soon!


Just return the price back to 0.05 per coin and stop this stupid gimmicks!


If you mean for the marathon offers, Sweatcoins are still $0.05 per coin as long as it’s not traded with another user.


No. The earned sweatcoin from walking is not 0.05 intact currently it is trading around 0.0045


Exactly, once Sweatcoins are traded their earned value (as per marathon offers) is no longer followed by Sweatcoin traders since they no longer work for redeeming the marathon offers. (: If you would like to further discuss this topic, we should talk in a different thread.


Earned Sweatcoins are, in fact, worth $0.05. What you’ve said is false


Do you stop earning sweatcoin when your property’s defende level drops to 10% ? Why!?
I noticed that most of mine that I haven’t visited since I got them, have only earned around .4, when it’s been much more than 4 days


Wait it released I didn’t get it :disappointed_relieved:


Did it got released ?


Very interesting! Two questions-
How will you choose buildings to be turned into rent buildings?
Can you create a feature where we can apply for a location to become a rent building?


I think everything should be increased there… The amount we win and the amount we pay


Not interested. Unless there’s a building on (or very, very close to) the estate where I live, I’m unlikely to pass a building often enough to want to spend coins to own it - and definitely not enough to battle to gain it.

I’d much rather see TroubleMaker released.


Whaaattt??!! This is going to be awesome!! Woohoo can’t wait to take over Belgium lol. I actually have no idea of how many people actively use Sweatcoin.


Sounds like fun! But i think i got nobody to compete with, because i literally don’t know anybody who got Sweatcoin in my neigborhood. More coins for me i guess.:sweat_smile:


I’ve collected about 189 of these points in my area. I’ve noticed it stops collecting rent once the defense of the building reaches 10%, this should be notified to the purchaser. Upon “powering-up” a building you receive the rewards daily once again. Can we get confirmation on this method.


That’s a good question. If a buildings defenses are low why would the Tenants pay full rent ??
And if I battle for a building why would I still have to pay for it ?? And just who is paying the rent ??
Can the defenses be fortified above purchase quality and charge higher rent ??

The peek of this feature dose sound fun, and I hope I get to enjoy it soon


It would be interesting to see the extra draw on battery life participating in this game inclusion.


Another idea
Since it seems as though we have to keep “powering up” these points can Sweatcoin make the interface easier to follow. For example, one’s controlled points light up as light blue. But when they reach that 10% defense level have them change to a different color so that we can know that we should make a trip back to that area to power it up again. Also it would be incredibly helpful to have us see the percentages on the interface itself without having to click on each individual point. It is tedious and incessant to do so and only serves to interrupt someone’s run/walk. Perhaps a notification that would allow users to power up a point upon reaching close enough proximity. That would make the game infinitely more accesible and enjoyable. Thanks.


Will it be available in every countries? @Ashton


I enjoy Sweatcoin Empires, but recently it has stopped working on my phone. When I click on the icon to see my properties and “recharge” them the app closes. What can I do to fix this?