Monthly goal lottery


When sweatcoin announced New Years resolutions they also informed us of a lottery help each month for users that achieved their goals. After that, I haven’t really seen anything related to this (new prizes, winners etc.)

Anyone know what’s up with that?


There is suppose to be a link to the results but when I click on it, it just goes into the usual SWC app.
Even when I click on the 2021 resolution insight button, only 50% of the time it shows that I have activated my goal with the other 50% of the time asking to set up my goal as if I have not set my goal at all


Same thing here, just like it happened to @Eamtan


:kissing: goog luck body
I try i try its very diffult
No problem:angry:


Same here guys ?! What’s up with that. @Ashton


I got this today. So somebody won after only being on sweatcoins 82 days…thought you had to beat your steps from previous year


Yeah. Didn’t think of it like that… @Ashton what’s the crack then geeza.


hmm… I don’t have this myself. My guess is that it allowed from November/December month onwards!


Ok… so can you answer me a couple of questions I have regarding the auction prizes.


To be honest, I thought the draw was just based on reaching your goal each month. I didn’t think it was based upon increasing on last year. I have a funny feeling I didn’t read it properly.

If it is the case then it’s a good job I’m not bothered about winning any prizes… this revelation puts me at just a lil bit of a disadvantage :rofl:


I think the lottery is completely random and is not based on the increase over the previous year, since I also installed the app for 2 months and in January I passed 1,500,000 steps.


Nice Work… Awesome Result :muscle::sunglasses::+1:


Glitch on today’s auction? Says hasn’t started yet when go to bid?


It’s all working don’t worry :smiley: - sometimes there’s just a delay while our team sorts out last minute details!