Monthly status of bonus Sweatcoins if I maximize steps every day


I studied the blog topics, but none that I could find answered my question.

I’m started out in the Quaker category and have gotten about 14 to 15 Sweatcoins every day in the first 10 days since joining, as I’ve averaged about 15,000 countable steps per day. My bonus Sweatcoins have put me over the 15/day in the app. My question is if I end up with, as an example, an extra 50 Sweatcoins at the end of the month, due to the accumulation of bonuses and getting others to join, do I get the full 500 Sweatcoins less 20 for funding that category, or do I peak at 450 Sweatcoins less the 20? I’m wondering if I have to jump to the 600 Sweatcoin League (Breaker) just to keep the bonus Sweatcoins or if the limit is purely “earned” Sweatcoins and bonus Sweatcoins are not taken back away because of the “league” limit. (Of course, the answer I’m hoping for is that the bonus is independent of the league limits.)

Thanks. I found the app purely by accident and love it. It has already motivated me to increase from a typical 10,000 steps per day where I got zero credit to a potential future reward besides maintaining good health!!