More Statistics Regarding Sweatcoin


Good Afternoon. Hope everyone is safe and well during this pandemic.

Now to the main point of this discussion, I’d like to see more stats. I.e what day we were more active, what hours we are producing more sweatcoins. What place were most at? So having a different tab for this and more statistics. At the moment it’s just daily, weekly and monthly. So a revamp on this.

What does everyone think regarding this? Just a thought for the production team.

Have a good day, enjoy the sunshine. :sunglasses::sunny:



I’m more active in the morning. I start my day at 4am. Sweatcoin has helped me in my everyday activitys. I don’t work right now anyways. Every morning smokedawg and I are collecting bottles. So it is already known to us to get on the phones and hit the 2x button as soon as we start out the frout door. Look. If anyone would like 5 free sweatcoins, drop your username. We’ll send when we can.