Motivational Mondays


We’re really interested to hear what motivates you on a Monday…

:muscle: What encourages you to kick of the new week with good vibes?
:musical_score: Is there a playlist or specific artist you whack on to get in the groove?
:tropical_drink:Maybe a special smoothie that sparks you up?

Whatever it is, we’re really interested to hear what motivates you to get moving and feel healthier. Got any tips or tricks for those of us struggling to get up and out from the cosy covers at the start of the week? We’d love to hear!

Let us know what motivates you on a Monday (or any day for that matter) below!


Today I had an Economics exam. Studied 3 full days for it and it was heavy. Fingers crossed for this one.

Don’t wanna be the negative guy here, but I don’t really have anything specific that motivates me for a new week. Life just goes on for me.

I do have a few playlists with separate genres and mixes. Some bass and gangster songs, but also emotional tracks. I listen to all kinds of music to be honest, as long as I like it! Always playing songs when I play certain games and on public transport to and from University.


Sounds good to me! Are there any songs in particular that make you feel a little more motivated?


Can’t really name one. They just make me relax and feel better. Every song has it’s own characteristic. Different tunes, paces, rhythms… give me different feelings and thoughts. Happy, thoughtful, peaceful…

I’m also the type of guy that doesn’t know any of the names of the songs. :sweat_smile: So I would have to dig in my list to look for songs.
A song I recently found that was really good is this one:


I like it mate :sunglasses::+1:t4: I quite literally live for music and for me there is nothing better than to have the groove to put a spring in your step and motivate your moves. I am getting to the point where I might be described as a little chronologically challenged, I am very much a slave to funk grooves and feeling a steady pulse always forces me to bounce along. I suppose in terms of exercise, the BPM is usually steady enough for a lively walk but can also be doubled up when running.
Music has a profound effect on many physical and mental aspects of most people’s lives. Sometimes the effects obvious when we feel good listening to music. However, more often we are not even aware as the music brings influence to our mental or emotional states that sometimes even the physical influences of music take control. For example, many people will bob their head, tap their foot or fingers along to music in the background and not even be aware they are doing it.


I must admit - I always have music on when walking. Sometimes its just from boredom, or a song is stuck in my head and I need to break the loop. My usual go-to band when walking is Imagine Dragons, however recently I gotten into Viola Beach, specifically “Swings and Waterslides” or “Go Outside” - a quite fitting song title really :stuck_out_tongue:
However, I hate having to tuck my earphone wires away, or wear bulky bluetooth ones. Maybe i’ll use my sweatcoins for a nice pair of slim bluetooth earphones sometime :smile:


Sounds good mate :sunglasses::+1:t4: It is worth looking at the wireless headphones and ear buds. As you well know, I spend many many hours pounding payment And I would say that at least 90% of the time I have a groove going through my head And down to my feet. I know what you mean about the chunky earphones… although, if I’m honest, I have is of a size that brings jealousy to Jodrel Bank, and being bald I can be compared to a wingnut. I have tried many different sets But as a general rule the as a general rule obvious Apple AirPods i’ve always come out on top. Although, as this very moment I am out walking wearing a true wireless set from Amazon by some weird unknown brand but had a good rat although, as this very moment I am out walking wearing a true wireless set from Amazon by some weird unknown brand but the product had a good rating. At well under half the cost of AirPods, Most of the important facto most of the important boxes have been checked for me…

  • Lightweight
  • Robust design
  • Reasonably comfortable for long periods
  • They don’t fall out with Running
  • They don’t block out all external sound (I prefer to hear cars and bikes rather than get hit by them)
  • The sound is clear crisp and warm
  • The volume range goes from very quiet very loud (avoid listening to loud music)
  • The on-board battery life is great with up to 4 hours playback time.
  • Comes with a charging case that will quickly recharge the earbuds four times. This also has a standard USB charging port that company used to charge your phone if you run short.

I know there have been a couple of Sets on offer in the Sweatcoin Marketplace. Which have had some awesome feedback.

I think it was last year, one of the traders in our number within the Sweatcoin community actually wrote to me and offered to spend their Sweatcoins to buy my a pair. I have to admit it was a lovely gesture and greatly appreciated what is many will know, i prefer to earn my rewards. I will be good and we not name the user but you know who you are if you read this, thank you again :sunglasses::+1:t4: