My 2 year Sweatcoin anniversary


thats right I have been on sweatcoin for 2 years

Well slightly over 2 years hehe

Over the last 2 years I have managed to rack up 2 million verified steps using sweatcoin.

I am a passionate sweatcoin user and I have continued to use the app. And I’m always looking forward to seeing what the wonderful team does next to the app.

My personal wishes are…

The return of the leaderboards or updates tab

Sweatcoin monopoly to release soon

And lastly more marketplace offers

Thank you Sweatcoin team I have had a wonderful 2 years using the app.

I ask you the community How long have you been using sweatcoin feel free to tell a story below :blush:


Happy Anniversary To the great and sweaty caped crusader !!! :tada:


Can’t upload a picture as says file is too big. I’ve had sweatcoin 2years come June. 6.1M steps. 5780coins to be fair I would have a lot more but I’ve bought countless items off the store.


@Kyle93 you may have to use an image compression app to shrink the file size to bring it below the upload limit. They’re usually pretty easy to get hold of and plenty of free apps :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Nice work on the fancy footwork :sunglasses:


Cheers bud. Personally aiming for that £1000 cash lol. 3.5/4 years I think is achievable all in all maybe who knows.


If you crop the image it normally works that what I always do anyways and gg on the steps buddy :smiley:


Do you not have to mess compressing? I remember I tried to upload crop of the Sweatcoin invite icon on it’s own and even had to compress that before it would accept it for upload :rofl:


What’s everyone aiming for in form of prizes.


I am coming up to my 1 year and just over 2million steps in ! Kind of bummed about the $1000 prize going away but still gonna walk and track my steps ! Sorry trying to upload my steps but of course it’s telling me the file is too big


Hi there, I need 1 month more to 2 years anniversary. Wonderful experience.