My first perfect week


Hi there. I’m stouffer. I spotted the forum a few weeks ago, but wanted my first post to be of the first time I achieved a perfect week…


Wow nice job mate! I still have not managed to get a perfect week myself, hope next time soon!


Cheers Schrodinger. I’m a postie so walking 30k + steps during the week helps!


That’s impressive. Well done. :+1:t5:


Fair play! :muscle::muscle:
Well done!
Put my efforts to shame! :joy::joy:


Congratulations :+1:t4: Awesome work


I applaud you :clap:t2:, that’s a lot


thats ace mate, are you walking these steps or do you cycle too?


All walking Mon-Sat… running Sunday!


WOW, this is great :star_struck: CONGRATULATIONS :tada:!!!


In a marathon race, the winner might not be the one that sprint the fastest but more likely the one that last the longest.
Keep up the good work !