My steps are not converting


Hi, my steps were not converting since 18th May and I had about 50.000 unconverted steps. Yesterday I updated Sweatcoin App and those 50.000 steps dissapeared. I’m getting notification to finish set up by allowing background activity, but it is already allowed. I use Samsung S10 Android 10. I get also notification about activating indoor step counting. Until 18thMay App was working fine including counting indoor steps.
Can you advise me what to do?
Best regards Alenka


Sweatcoin could you please answer.


Hey! Sorry for any frustration here - could you let me know if updating your app has solved the conversion issue atall?

There may have been a bug where steps were “stuck” in conversion, but that should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Yes, my steps are converting since yesterday, but I had over 10.000 steps and only 5852 were converted. I have background activity turned on.
Also about 50.000 steps which were not converted from 19th to 26th May disappeared from my app since I did an update.