My steps are not counting?


hello to all i need help with a problem i have encountered i have reached around 100,000 steps and none of it is counting if you need proof i can share to you


I went through and looked at the settings for the update. I found that the Permissions, the location had been set to “Only allow while using the app”. I’ve always had it set to “Allow all the time” since I rarely open up the app except towards the end of the day.


Wait where can i find that info


On Android, go to Settings, Apps & notifications, find SweatCoin and click on it, Permissions, Location, click “Allow all the time”.


100000 with 0 steps counted? you were most probably cheating


I have the same happening to me. My Apple watch counted 3,000 steps and sweat only counted 100 of them with no coins for the day :sweat:. It worked fine two days ago


Hey! Please check out this post for help with step conversion:


It is worth noting that the Apple Watch app still uses the outdoor algorithm and so if any indoor steps submitted from the AW app are verified, it is more down to good luck than anything else.

@lmao42069 it is possible to legitimately accumulate over 100k in a day. I myself managed to squeeze in the last 100k plus day earlier in the month, just before the UK lockdown came into effect. Even if there was any cheating involved, it would still be expected that out of 100k steps, at least a few would be verified, Even if it was only a couple.
Just to be clear, I am not passing opinion as to the legitimacy of any claims made, only that it is Physically possible to complete.


Starting to think you put your watch on your dog for them 100k steps :wink: lol!


If I had a dog, it would be a start. Although, It would also be quite cruel for me to take a dog for walkies that far. I’d end up with one pooped pooch


Must have a house cat then :wink: