My steps won't analyze


I got 7k steps and they aren’t analyzing even if I use the button to do so


which device r u using?


I’m using a Moto z2 and I have all my setting correctly set up


Delete then reinstall


I just did a minute ago and it still will not work


No Idea then my friend… sorry.


Are you able to build upon the 7k steps but when you tap to analyse the additional steps go through but the 7k remains.

I know it sounds like a strange question but I had this issue on Monday, then yesterday with 2k seemingly stuck. After a few hours they just randomly went through. It may or may not be the same issue, I’m just checking is all.


Umm what the I WALKED 18000 steps and they convert 14000 steps bro I could have max out and they keep on adding like 2000 steps for like 1 coin that’s not right!!!




I mean converting not adding.


today is the second time i’ve noticed my steps not converting. and this time, just like last, i was able to get them to convert by updating the app.

that being said, what are the chances we can retroactively convert steps that didn’t convert from previous days? we shouldn’t lose out due to systematic issues on sweatcoins end.


I do about 30 000 steps to get 20 sw.
remember that there’s alot of algorythm technicalities involved.

I’ve been using multiple health apps and to be honest , sweatcoin and google fit are the most consistent.

we gettting something for joining a free app. The issue is not them. The motion sensors and take into account the buildings etc. play a huge part.


II had the same issue 2 days ago… it’s not an algorithm/value of the step that is the problem, it was literally stuck and not converting.
Eventually after a couple of hours from the end of my walk I had a look (I had left the phone on a table) and they had magically converted.


try walking in an 8 figure pattern outside using the power walking technique. don’t manually press analyse. It gives more steps when it analyses itself. usually analysis after 3000 steps.

u can do 20k steps in an hour if u power walk.


Is around 2000 setup per coin bro. 20k-24k for 20 coins. Yeah it’s right.


Its a big scamm i have over 300000 step that they wont analyze and plus no custumer support at all!! Outrageus


I am afraid things that do not favour them are often just ignored. By the way do you mean 300,000 or 30,000 steps. It’s just if it’s the first you must’ve walked to the moon and back😄


@DaveUK If the steps haven’t verified but have still been accumulating for a while it could well be 300k steps awaiting analysis. Although even at 30k, I can imagine how frustrating it will still be.


Agree totally Phatt. Every step earned needs counting and converting. It’s better but still needs to be better.


To be honest, I have seen a few days where the analysis has been delayed and experienced a few days of poor conversions. It does get frustrating so I can understand why users get irate. However, realistically it has only been a handful of occasions in over three years. So I can’t really complain too much.