My sweatcoins I earned yesterday did not convert yesterday


This is a screen shot from this morning @7:18am est. It’s stating that for TODAY I already reached my step limit. However, this is yesterday’s count. I leave my house @6am est every day, so my step count so far for today is actually the 1820 steps listed under it. Then the second screenshot sho ws absolutely zero steps taken yesterday, which was one of my most active days this week so far. I went to the play store and updated the app to see if that was the issue, but the 3rd screenshot shows that it’s still stating I’ve already hit my daily steps. What should I do so the steps for yesterday are tallied and I can acteget credited for today’s steps as well? Someone please help me.
Sorry I’m new and could only upload one picture


Have you checked out this post?: Having step conversion issues since the latest release? Please read
It should help you!