My view on Daily x2 boost


Personally, i do not find the x2 daily boost that attractive

During my normal leisure walk, I can generate around 1.8 SWC
I have push to the limit on many ocassion, but I have never exceed 2.8 SWC
Generally 2.2 to 2.6 SWC for brisk walk

When my wife got 1k SWC from one of her daily bonus, I was thinking how long will it take for x2 daily boost to hit 1k ???

Well, you can call me a sore loser but personally, I do not find it that worth it to put in those extra effort just to get an extra fraction of a sweatcoin daily when if you are lucky, you can get 1k in under 1 min

Personally, I also feel the daily bonus to be one of the ‘‘darkest’’ gray area as in the long run, it might be the most unpredictable blackhole that can groom mysterious unknown member into rich SWC contender to overtake season serious stepper in winning any good auction bidding.