Never Received Items


I bought $5 worth of amazon credit and a audible subscription, and something else recently. I never received the items, it always said that the code did not work on the website it sent me to. This has been ongoing. I messaged you guys from THE APP, and you did not respond. This has been like a scam to me, I believe I spent over 10 in the credit on the app. 10 credit is 10 credit, I’d either like that back, or something in terms of the items I was supposed to receive.


Hi! So sorry for the inconvenience. Can you DM me and i’ll check this out for you asap!


I don’t really know how to this is my first time on the community


To DM a user on Swc Forum, click on the forum user’s profile picture/name, and then there’s a blue message button you can click. (:


Ok, thanks for helping, I’m a programmer, i should be smarter than this. Sorry I had to ask.


Ok, I’m being dumb again. I can’t find the button again. Is there any way you can take a picture of exactly where it is at? Sorry again.


Here is how it should look like


It does not look like that to me. Which is weird…


Are you on a mobile device or laptop/computer


Hope everyone is well.
I have a question if I want to track a shipment how can I do that?
Also I have sendlt a couple of emails but no response.


I am on a desktop, but was using my phone earlier. Same thing happened on both


Then I don’t know send a screenshot


Hi! So sorry I missed this :confused:
I’ve started a DM with you, you should be able to open it via notifications or the “messages” button under your profile in the top right.


Hi I’m new to this community, please help me to start


I purchased audible 2 month subscription, but the link did not work for me either. Any suggestions what I can do?
I tried to DM but the blue message box is not coming up for me.


Same thing is happening to me and audible is no help either. This is totally a scam


@Kweezaay @Bmshope Can you email us at [email protected] so we can take a look closer - we have limited access on the forum to help you.