New algorithm abillity?


u said iphone 7 users could test it but when it officially works
will then people whith an iphone 6 be abel to use it to?

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We’re looking for 10 users (who must be using an iPhone 7 or later with iOS13)


Thank you for your question.
It looks like phones under iPhone 7 are missing the vital piece in hardware to be able to use the new algorithm, however they will function perfectly with the existing solution.


Hey @Oleg, I’m a tester of the new algorithm. At first it was converting my steps with almost 98%. (Indoor steps included and 5% commission not included). A very big difference of course! But yesterday and the day before yesterday my conversion was downgraded to around 1/3 of my total steps. Today it’s getting better again (maybe because of the new IOS update), but still not as it used to be. Even less than before the new algorithm. Maybe this is because most of my movement is by bike, but first it was not a problem. I know that the app is still in the testing fase of course, but my question was: When will it be officially released and will biking be still count as valuable steps in the future or will the new algorithm see it as cheating?