New Algorithm?! 😲


Hey Sweatcoiners! :relieved:

It’s time to share some super exciting news with you all - our new algorithm! Though we’re currently in the testing phase, we’re hoping it’ll be released really really soon, and it’s going to be a big release, that’s for sure!

Some things that you can look forward to will be:

  1. Indoor step conversion
  2. Better outdoor step conversion
  3. Better battery life

And much more…

We’re looking for 10 wonderful users (who must be using an iPhone 7 or later with iOS13) to test out our new algorithm. We’ll migrate you from the old algorithm to the new one and you can get testing for us :tada:

If you’re interested, please make sure you’re registered to our forum and write your username in the comments below!!!

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Hey, I’d like to try it out.
My username is: dennis724471


I’d like to give it a go aswell :slight_smile:

username is: cookist


I’d like to try it out too!

My username is masterseed

iPhone 11 - iOS 13.2


I’d like to try it out too. I have an iPhone 8 with ios 13.1. My username is VINCENTL23


My SWC username is: kai459314


@cybrtrade iPhone 7 iOS 13.2


My SWC Username is: kai459314
I have an IPhone 7 IOS 13.2


Username: SALEM198696
Iphone8 -IOS13.1.3


Username alexknuf
iPhone XR iOS 13.3


Hey, I’d love to test this out!

My username: adityax26
Phone: iPhone 8 Plus
IOS 13.1.2



iPhone X

iOS 13.1.3


I would like to join 2
Huawei P30


I am intrested!
iPhone X - 13.1.2
Usr: Nate21


Hi I would love to try it out!
Username: blazeful.x
iPhone XS - iOS 13.2


Hi Emma, I would love to help and be a tester
Username is Liam9
iPhone XS Max IOS 13.2.2
Do a fair share of outside and inside walking at my workplace :slightly_smiling_face:


Omg this is awesome to hear I was looking forward for indoor steps to start counting. I would love to be a tester. I live in Canada Surrey BC (Ik it’s not needed) I have a iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 13.2.2. My sweatcoin username is SquareBob


Awesome! I would definitely want to test this out!
I’ve the latest version of IOS (13.2.2) on the iPhone 8.
My SWC username: arwout


I am running IOS 13.2.2 on an iPhone 7. I would love to try this out, my Sweatcoin username is peepeelmao, and my discord username is usersnames#0215, I look forward to possibly testing this out! :grin: