New Algorithm?! 😲



Would love the opportunity to trail please.


Great news! For the first time I wish I had an iPhone :roll_eyes: But anyway I can’t wait for the new algorithm to be released! The current conversion rate a little frustrating you know. Some more SWCs won’t cause any harm!


I walk about 10k indoor steps a day for my job. I use the app daily. I’de love to help test out the new algorithm with helpful feedback.
iPhone 8+ IOS 13.1
Username: Realmelllo


Hey @Emma. I’m in:

Username: VetonBreznica
iPhone X 13.1.2


This is gonna be so awesome :smiley:! Can’t wait!

I would love to participate in the testing but i sadly have an iPhone 6S…


I would love to participate I got an iPhone XS :slight_smile: My username is Bom92 on sweatcoin :slight_smile:


If it’s not too late include me in. margaritaalicea


I’ve got an XR, my user is colin229


I’m in! :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀ My user name is stacigarcia_21


(,”) amm lets see what’s all about @Bild96


I’m very interested im KrayZee


Thanks to everyone who left their username in the comments! It’s great to see so many of you excited about the new algorithm! We aren’t looking for any more testers for the time being, but I’ll be sure to post again if we are in the near future.



Is that a charging shoe? I’ve actually been looking for a pair of charging insoles to try out. if walk ste so much you might as well charge n walk.


It’s @on_running with integrated rechargeable heating system for winter :snowflake:


Continuing the discussion from New Algorithm?! :astonished::

I’d like to be considered to try the new algorithm my email [email protected] . Chris784672. User name


i Phone only at the mo


Meee! I want to be your guinea pig :pig:


:rofl: lol love the way you have written this… A definite way to bring a much-needed smile to the day… :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Are Android users not going to be able to update?


Yep, there are few Android users who are actually testing the new algorithm, but the announcement for them was posted on Discord instead of here.