New app related badges!


Hey! Sorry I missed this - I’ve granted you the Serious Stepper Badge :smiley:
Great work getting that many :open_mouth: On to the next!


Thank you and it’s ok you get a lot of messages I’m sure !


Such a great idea!

It will also be a great idea to make achievements in-game to make it even more satisfying!


Hey @Ashton - I’m new to the forum, but been using Sweatcoin for ages! This weekend I achieved 100,000 steps in a day - please may I have the super stepper badge (and the other lower step badges) included on my profile?
This was achieved on the 28th November. My username is PrincessDebz


Congrats, that’s mega


Thanks SO much @Seaside71! Definitely an achievement I’m proud of!


Amazing! I’ve awarded you the Super Stepper badge :smiley:


Congrats on your awesome achievement :tada::clap:t3::tada:

Well deserved Super Stepper :sunglasses::+1:t4: