New Feature! Auctions!


Hey Sweatcoiners!
You may have heard on our instagram page - we have a new feature coming soon!
We’ve heard your feedback, the many posts and discussions about marathon offers :hushed:
Well now there’s some news for you all!
You can see who and what they won - multiple winners a week!

Keep an eye out on your app - we’re running tests in the UK to ensure everything is running smoothly as anticipated, maybe you’ll be a lucky tester for the feature :wink:
Auctions are coming soon!

This is not good

Looking forward to seeing the new feature Ashton :smile:


@DaveUK sounds like if you’ve the points as someone else has too. You bid the highest for it?
Shall wait and see…
Also I don’t have Instagram, so if you do, or anyone else does, I’d love to know when the Winning top prize winners videos go up…


I don’t understand. Auction
For what prizes. Yeah?


Think you are right Seaside. I am guessing a marathon offer / prize is available and whoever bids the most (with a blind auction) wins. Like you say we will see and then can discuss. Will be interesting to see if the existing bigger rewards disappear - again will see.

One thing’s for sure we will soon suss the for’s and against’s and know if we are being played.

May be worth getting Instagram so we can look at the posts.

Depending on how this plays out will decide if I stick with the app or just forget it.

Oh - I’m still waiting to see those holiday films lol. It’s said ‘few left’ for ages which must mean most were claimed and have been taken and filmed. Then again the prices have increased - too many getting too close to them I would imagine.

I know people think I’m miserable but I’m really not - I just don’t like being treated as a mug or seeing others treated as idiots.

Let’s hope we will be pleasantly surprised.


Think so yes. Time will tell.


:joy::joy::joy::joy:. Love your point of view mate.
Well I got 12K to play with so if anything decent comes up I shall be interested.


Tried Instagram for a while.
Hated it.
Couldn’t get to grips with it.
Walked away from it.

The majority (if not all) of the other companies I use who post to Instagram also post to FB - why don’t Sweatcoin do that so that those of us without Instagram can also see what’s happening?


I agree about instagram. Not a fan. Auctions excite me though


Bidding wars lol let’s av itttttt


There will be high value prizes for auctions - Including long awaited gift cards i believe! :smiley:


This sounds really interesting Ashton. Are the current marathon offers staying as is or the auctions instead of these please?


That’s a very important question!

Because if it is instead it means that marathon offers will most likely implicitly rise in their price since people will bid higher coin numbers to win them. It could also mean that only the most active users with the biggest SWC accounts will get (the decent) prices since they always win the auctions due to higher SWC balance. Not sure whether this system is really sustainable to reward the average SWC user…


Absolutely Hans. Also wondering if the auctions are country specific which I suspect they will be.


I noticed a couple of the comments about Instagram and I think it’s probably just a question of taste. Personally I went the other way, Facebook I found way too creepy and a bit too “stalky” for my liking. In fairness it was probably down to the starting point privacy settings being… well… rather not being present at all. Before I had even set up the profile properly, one of the women where I used to work had already found me and sent a friend request and that said it all for me really… Instantly put off social media. Since then I have reluctantly set up Instagram and Twitter accounts. I don’t really use Twitter that much but I’ve lost countless hours with Instagram and although I’m still a bit wary, it hasn’t been too bad.


Absolutely fantastic you finally listened to us lol.


In auction, the big coin holders will have the advantages over the newbies. BTW, will wait and see.


The problem is that unlike Fiat money, SWC has no intrinsic value it is only derived from the rewards that the SWC company is offering to us. E.g. no one would bid 200€ for a 100€ giftcard, but in the SWC world I could expect that users are willing to bid 5 or even 10k for 100€ Amazon gift card simply because their SWC have no value otherwise. That’s good for sweatcoin in order to reduce users balances without having to pay more money for rewards but most likely not a full fair play for all since rewards will go to the „richest SWC adresses“ only.

If that is a strategy to keep 50m SWC users attracted to this app or even pay a subscription…

Time will tell.


To add two more words s the citation of Ashton at the beginning of the post: „multiple winners a week“

This also gives an indication where this could lead to. So far (in theory) EVERY user had the chance to get a price after he reached 20k. In the new world only a few auction winners get rewarded, or in other words even if „multiple“ would mean 50 winner this is nearly nothing compared to 50m app users - winnings would then be similar to winning in the lottery. And that would be contrary to the original idea of sweatcoin „it pays to walk“ [aka for every user].


Exactly my thoughts as well. A clever :clap: plan :wink: