New Feature! Auctions!


@Bh_sarah agree, I stick with the old version layout. The new ones horrid and harder to find the bonus button


Trust me,my mate won the tv few days earlier but hasnt received it yet,had text to say it was coming today just waiting to hear from him


Tv is here just messaged me,sent me pic but says file too large to upload


Lol ok… guess we won’t be seeing no proof.


Whatever mate, email jessica penny if ur that concernedabout it


All I asked was proof. Not concerned. Just a bit of reassurance.


Told ya,cant post pic says 100000kb file too large to post, i only joined and posted on this forum to kinda reassure ppl its genuine, i got £775 nike gift card mate got 55” tv, both have arrived, if ur worried that winning bids dont turn up dont bid until u get proof :+1:


Will do. Cheers buddy. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Relax guys no need to go mad lol! Lockdown 2.0 is imminent.


I’m alright I work in construction.


Can see the gift cards maybe making 23,000 plus when every user is on. Maybe as high as 25-28000. I am going to try and bag the bamboo toothbrush :smile:


Pmsl, you & me both!


Noticed that auctions currently have a pause of more than 12 hours in between each, not starting right after another as stated in the official insta announcement…


Yeah @Ashton @Oleg. Is there no chance of having multiple auctions like two a day. More intense bidding etc then. That’s my
IMO. @DaveUK best come
Meet up and we go on holiday together film me il film you baby hahahaha


@Kyle93 how can I refuse. You film yours and I’ll film mine. Don’t forget your bamboo toothbrush :smile::smile:


Don’t forget your reiss wash bag from gruum lol.
Or your free fitness app.
Don’t forget to donate all your coins to
Our fundraisers. Cheers. Hahaaha


Thanks @Kyle93. Ah yes I won’t forget, how could I :smile::smile:


How are you guys seeing how many coins a user has? surely You only see how many coins they’ve generated? in which case, it’s likely some may have donated to how support for charities, sold some, made purchases from the marketplace (it wasn’t always personalise dogfood, bamboo toothbrushes, earphones and tidal trials).


I’ve had the app over two Years. I’ve seen a handful of decent prizes. Beryl bikelight was my ultimate favourite. £5 p&p. Worth £140. Sold on eBay for £90 lolol


That’s insane haha. Might try that. Anything worth buying though?