New Feature! Auctions!


Thinking of a morning walk shall I? Haha


Well I did ask
Everyone who I knew rid bikes no one wanted it so I sold it

Good luck to you on your
Morning walk I’m
Going to
The shop
To get eggs hahaha


Lol. Might do that buy and sell haha.

Don’t know if I will haha.


Nice work @Kyle93. When the conversion rate went bad last year I sold some. Made about £85. Wished I hadn’t now as didn’t anticipate starting up again.


Cor least you made few £ though. Yeah @Chowdhury_S do it lol.


Might do haha. See how it goes


Sounds awesome looks awesome


Hey everyone!
I have a call tomorrow with the team - i’ll bring up your concerns here and hopefully get back to you with more detail and solid answers! Hang tight :smiley:


You gotta love automated mailing lists :rofl:

I’ve just received an email telling me about the Auctions feature that I “may have seen last week” and inviting me to take a look. It took me to the preview link, asked if I wanted to view in the app…

I suppose it would have been more interesting if the auction feature existed in my app profile. Although, as it doesn’t it served as a very effective way to open the Sweatcoin app :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Always look for the positive points :grin:


Love the new look! Auctions are a great idea! Keep up all the good work. This is one of my favorite apps!!


How did the call go…


Peloton bike only went for 19k!! @DaveUK @Phatt.One. Would you of bidded on it if
You had enough coins?


Wow wow. Lads/lasses just found out what’s coming up in the auction not a fan but it’s good.


I think I have enough to go at with 2 treadmills, a elliptical trainer, dodgy step trainer. Plus the free-weights n bench. Anymore crap in this house and I’d be opening a gym… I’d probably have to close that tomorrow night too. No chance of keeping 2m apart in my gaff :rofl:. I’m already considering getting rid of the sofa.


…? You on about the Bose portable speaker lol.


Your definitely Scottish. Ain’t you lol. ‘Lasses’ lol. What’s
Coming up
Mate. @Phatt.One Trade them in! Haha.

Sorry kids there’s more then 6 of us. One of you got to go… :eyes::eyes::joy:


What is puzzling me is that they only bid <19k for the 2,5k USD bike, even less than for 1k Amazon voucher.

Looks like there are not much -real- sports guys here but more on the greedy cash side…:joy:

Would have paid 25k SWC for the bike if I could.

Very strange…


No haha. It’s exciting


No haha! That’s very good though


What is it then … don’t tell us then not tell us lol