New Feature! Auctions!


I see your point of view mate.


Xbox! Huge huge! Haha


The new one?! When is that lol.


Don’t know if it’s new one but looked like it. Soon


Has to be the new one… noones going to bid on a Xbox one. Surely… that will easily go into the 18-22K region.


Think it’s the new one. I’m a PlayStation fan so won’t be bidding. It’s a good prize though.


I’m a PlayStation fan also. PlayStation. 5 is extortion priced.


Yes I probably would have tried to bid on the bike but not got quite enough to get involved yet. I noticed the Bose speaker is at 12k at the moment which relatively based on value is quite high. I do like the auctions and hope people have a realistic chance of winning them.


I bidded 10K as I thought that was max.


:rofl: Nope, definitely not Scottish. Originally from Grimsby


I actually tried a bid of 10,000. I have 10,392. But SWC said I didn’t have enough coins to bid. Is there a way to find out how many coins you do have that you actually earned yourself?


Hi @Woxof38! Maybe this screenshot can help you see where to find the SW you earned


There is no such details for android. You can enter auction and check your maximum possible bid. Difference with actual SC will be earned coin amount.


I have an android. That answers the question. Thank you.


How did this guy win when someone else bidded more…

Can’t be bidding a decent bid if you aint gunna win it.


I had the new version of the app show up as well And I switched back to the old one !


Maybe earned coins? That’s why


Yeah one item for the world is pretty drastic…


Also tbh. I’m not even funna bother with auction until I got 16-17K coin. Seems literal bull crap. Users who’ve had the app
Just over a year and a bit when the daily bonus and trouble maker hasn’t even been out
Mega mega
Long. Makes my mind wonder if half of these users are actually really and I’m bidding against bots.


I have one question for
You @Ashton. Is auctions permenanlty staying. Not permenant as I’m going next week like you said about the marathon offers. I want a definite yea or no answer.