New Feature! Auctions!


Yeah what’s the point. No chance of winning.


I assure you, they are not bot’s bidding. We don’t allow bots on sweatcoin and investigate any accounts that are suspicious of this.

Auctions are planned to stay yes, but keep in mind it’s still under development and testing.


Thanks Ashton!

But one more question - is there really only one simultaneous auction worldwide I.e. for >50m users?


I love the auction format. I have been a user of this app for a few years and really enjoy it! I think you have improved it immensely over that time. Keep up the good work!


When are the auctions going to be rolled out globally? I’m seeing more and more people chat about it but no signs of it in the app


Delete and reinstall the app bud.


That’s what I did anyway…


To be fair, I’m only about about 11k-12k coins anyway at moment… i’m just nosey


Hi, I just won the $1000 LuLuLemon GC auction! I have been a SWC member for just over 2 years. I’m REAL, not a BOT!! Lol
In my opinion, the auction option is much better than the marathon offers. I have waited a very very long time to be able to redeem my SWC (all earned by myself, I walk avg 20 km/day). I am beyond happy and excited that my bid of less than $15,000 won!!! Had it been a marathon offer, it would’ve been at least $20,000! So it’s worth it. Unless I don’t receive my GC within 30 days as promised… then I might have a different answer…


I’m also suspicious. How can you have the App 3 years or whatever and not find the forum … funny how everyone finds it when they’ve won something. Unless staff tel them to verify it. Nah… anywho until I won something
Myself I will be suspect. But I have received various items off sweatcoin but worth little to
No value. @Ditagirl well done if what your saying is correct but when you do eventually get a email or confirmation do you mind uploading a picture for all us skeptics… @DaveUK


In all honesty. @Ditagirl your coin margin seems reasonable. 2.5yeara 13-14.5K coin… not doubting you or accusing you. But it’s just odd that when winners automatically pop up with massive positive comments. Anywho.


Also funny how I was ‘Outed’
On my Bot comment. @Ashton you outing me to your sweatcoiners? :joy::eyes:


I totally agree @DaveUK! I want photo evidence and I may stop moaning lol…


I’ve been on this forum for a while now. Hopefully it’s true and not someone just showing off lol!


Hold on… you walk 20km a day. You walk 12.5 miles a day? @Phatt.One you walk 20km a day?



I did not join the forum up until now, as I had no need. From the beginning, my goal was always to achieve a marathon offer. It was a personal and private goal, and I also knew that it could only be redeemed by SWC earned by yourself. So I did not need people to transfer me money, as it would be of no use to me. Which I have learned, is a pretty big thing for many. I didn’t know the forum existed until the auctions appeared and I had questions about the process of how to participate in an auction. So I googled sweatcoin auctions, Which led me to the forum.
Bottom line, I worked really hard for all my sweat coins, I knew from day one, it was going to be a long process to get a marathon offer or what is now auctions. When I saw people doubting if the auctions were real, I felt it was my obligation to share that I had actually won an auction. Truthfully, reading all this skepticism, hurts my feelings. Yesterday, was a really happy day for me, all my hard work had finally paid off, I just wanted to inspire others, and let them know that it’s legit. Of course I am going to be waiting 30 days to actually receive my win.
I’m not sure what else I can say, I was trying to do a good thing here. Answer peoples questions regarding the auctions…
Anyway, I hope that answers some of your questions?


Tbh. No one has mentioned you getting coins from elsewhere. We are skeptical about the fact you joined
Like nodz did on the actual day… I found the forum after a
Couple of months of using the app. All we ask is you
Upload a email confirmation with personal details blurred out or whatnot.


Yes, I try to!
I have been averaging 20km/day for all on 2020.
It has been a difficult year… Covid, like for many meant isolation, walking was and has been a means to cope. I’m also just a walking addict.
Anyway… After yesterday’s auction, I am pretty much back to very little SWC, So I am back to ground zero you could say. Realistically, it will probably take me another year and a half or more to build up my SWC bank again. But I’ll do it. ONE STEP AT A TIME…


Congratulations for achieving your goal!


Ok cool… :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: