New Feature! Auctions!


I will be bidding soon I hope so if I win an auction (unlikely) we will know for sure if it’s all real. It seems odd nothing has gone over 20,000 yet. Once everyone is on the auction version and if it’s one item per world it will be almost impossible to win.

Still baffles me two auction winners have joined the forum that very day!


Thank you :blush:
I do wish people could’ve seen my face when I won yesterday, I literally cried… I was stunned!
I knew I was bidding against people that had more SWC than me. It was intense!! Lol
That is also why I like the auction option, there was an excitement about it!!! I also knew that if I didn’t win this auction, I would look forward to trying for others. It was FUN!!


I wish you luck, and I don’t think it’s odd that things have not gone for over 20,000. But That is exactly why I started to google the auctions before I entered one. Seemed too good to be true… but The reality is, it takes a really long time to get to 20,000 SWC earned by yourself alone. I know for myself, that I was not going to use up everything I had earned on just any auction.
I had to be something worth it TO ME, and I don’t think there are a lot of users that have that amount of coin… Now that I have WON, I am bank to pretty much is zero, so I do think that people who are bidding, are choosing carefully, so there actually aren’t a lot of bidders at this time? If anything, now would be the time to take it vantage of the auctions! At least you know I am out of the competition! Lol


Hope this helps???
I blocked out the code they gave me!
Aside from an email, which pretty much stated the exact same thing, with the code, I don’t have any other proof at this time.


Cool. What you getting.


I’m not exactly sure what you mean?
Are you asking what I will do with the gift card once I receive it???


Yes. That’s what I am asking.


Well… Been trying not to get too excited until I actually get my gift card… you know “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”
But if and when it does arrive, seeing as lululemon is an athletic line, I will have new clothing to walk in? lol They have fantastic clothing and apparel (and no, I was NOT asked to endorse them… if you are thinking that!).
But I :heart: Lululemon, hence why winning this auction was so huge to me!
Why I am so happy!!!


The bids are too high now. This GoPro’s price is $450 and it must be max 9k SWC but now they offering 15k…


This was to be expected.

Since they only pay out one price every 48 hours, most of the other million SWC accounts are further increasing. Therefore SWC will quickly devaluate over time, except auctions increase.

By the way, a payout of around 700 USD every 48 hours I.e. lousy 125k a year for a company with >50m add watchers and 11 USD subscription fee (sweatcoin inc. revenue was already 6m USD in 2019)…seems like one is filling his pockets here…however it has to be expected that trouble maker subscribers are canceling in a large number as soon as they recognize that their chances of getting something in return is minimal…


Congrats @Ditagirl

We are not questioning you, just a lot of scam about these days. The only one I could of won was the make up but that wasn’t interesting to me haha we for about 7,500 etc. Xbox coming up soon which is good but not a fan.

Generally I love sweatcoin so using it to keep active which is the main benefit :blue_heart:


Normally I was thinking about annual sub but after that I bought monthly sub and if they don’t do anything I will cancel it.


Totally agree with you.


I’m sure there’s more to this but to be honest I don’t particularly want to read back to find where this discussion (argument) started or ended or why you are asking :crazy_face:

I go a lot further than 20 km a day. To be honest I usually run/walk more than 20 km before most people even open their eyes. In February, I set myself the challenge of completing a marathon distance minimum a day. Somehow, I’ve managed to stick with it and only actually missed a few days all this time. :rofl:


I understand, which is why I wanted to validate any doubt regarding the legitimacy of winning an auction. Give the SWC members PROOF.

I suppose I lucked out that I came across an auction item that I really wanted, and actually won. Yes, It cost me almost all my sweatcoin. Over 2 years of STEPS! Lol But that will not stop me from continuing to use Sweatcoin, seeing as walking and being fit is part of my daily life regardless of the app.

Anyway, good luck to you :blush:


Huge congratulations to you for winning the auction @Ditagirl and sharing your journey to getting there with us all! :tada:


Are you sure you didn’t want the make up mate?

@Kyle93 could have used it for the video @DaveUK wanted to shoot :crazy_face:

@Ditagirl you can always re-earn more coins… that is the beauty of it all. As a bonus, with walking now being a part of your daily routine, earning Sweatcoins will be even easier :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I’ve been Sweatcoinin since May 2017 and walking/running has also become a part of my daily life (possibly taken iver my life since the Lockdowns started rollin out). I have known a couple of users claim offers in my time. In the time I’ve been steppin out, I have generated… “Holy Poop on a Stick!” 26338 Sweatcoins to date (Sorry, not looked at that figure for a while). I have made a few Marketplace purchases but chose to donate most of the coins to show support for the crowdfunding charities. When the Trouble Maker was introduced, I decided to actually start saving up a few and since the release, I’ve saved up… (I think I’m going to need more sticks for this poop)… just under 12k Sweatcoins.

I think next time I decide to include figures I’m going to look at the figures beforehand rather than midway through typing messages. Or find something slightly less offensive to put on sticks :crazy_face:


I absolutely agree!! I know it’s going to take a while to earn a substantial amount of SWC again, but seeing as being active is just a part of my life, it’s all good!! I’m super motivated.
I have been walking for years, way before I ever joined sweat coin. A self proclaimed Fitbit addict you could say! Lol


Yes i joined the group ,i had read that ppl where doubtful so i joined to show it is real,i havent won any other marathon offers so i dont know where u got that from,i did say my friend won the tv which has also come ,we are both posties and walk roughly 12-14 miles aday 6days aweek, i couldnt post a pic as it said file too big,any other questions?