New Feature! Auctions!


Defo not haha. Hopefully something good comes up.


I was thinking is it gonna arrive but it did,n my mate tv which i was bidding on aswell, auctions are going for alot more atm i think its coz more ppl have the auction on theirs i dont think every1 must of known about it as i got mine for about 16k which aint much compared to recent auctions,


Btw @Ditagirl prepare yourself for the onslaught of begging messages


That has already started to happen, it began the moment I entered the auction and has continued. What’s most ironic about that, is now that I won the auction, I have very little SWC left!!! In fact, the people asking me for money, probably have more SWC than I do right now?!?
Lol - Is what it is…

Congratulations on your win, it was your post that also inspired me to post my win :blush:!


Not that it seemed to help, i did try to post a pic at the time but it kept saying file too large, i had had a read of forum b4 but never joined, u only have to join if u want to comment which after my win i decided that it might put some minds at ease but it didnt seem to work and without a picture it seemed i was basically a “liar” pmsl , i have added a pic which i have made smaller to add on here of emails i got from jessica from SC and i can 100% gurantee i have got the vouchers, they came as 2 seperate amount ie 2 seperate emails which now been added to my nike acc and i have spent £100 of it already!!! My friends tv has defo arrived which he did have a few issues with but i have seen the picture of the tv so well done @Ditagirl, all those steps paid off!!!:+1::+1:


@Kyle93 you buying anything of sweatcoin?


First of all @Nodz no one called you a liar. ‘Pmsl’ all we wanted was to see some proof… second of all mate. If you have suspicion and that’s the first item you’ve bought. What do you gain coming into a forum and telling
Others it’s legit… :joy::+1:t2:


Doubt it. Prob plod on to 20K see if anything worth buying if not then just sell my coins


Onslaught of messages. You won $1000 gift card. Not the lottery. I hardly doubt your getting poverty letters mate.


No one called me a liar but thats how it felt,i had won or claimed other things b4 ie earfones, scales nd a blood monitor thing which all turned up but it was when the guy i know who won the tv got email saying it will b here on this date and then an email from company bringing tv that they have no idea about this tv made me doubt it, so when mine arrived i thought id put it on here as i had read some of u questioning how real these prizes r and u would like to see if its real, that is all, just trying to help really


Trust me the messages r real, begging for coins for u to buy them a pair of trainers, ask @Ditagirl she is getting them already,hold on dont tell me u want a picture as proof :rofl::rofl:


@DaveUK my thoughts exactly!!
Hmmmm15k, mostly under the old points system in only 2 years🤔


@Phatt.One I would have definitely used that make up to make @Kyle93 look his very best. Maybe it will be in the auction again soon :smile::smile:


Apologies @Nodz I didn’t word it well at all and can promise you we are genuinely pleased when people get a good reward. I also apologise for getting the wrong end of the stick with your friend and the TV. We get so many mixed messages from admin and you have unfairly been caught in the crossfire. Hope you will accept my apology.


Begging for coins is just unacceptable. Besides they cant be used for auctions anyway. Hope nobody have given into these begging weasels :smile:


Yeah go on mate a picture would be brilliant :upside_down_face:


@DaveUK well said mate. Well said.


@Ditagirl I also apologise if I have offended you. Enjoy the gift card when it arrives and thanks for giving us a little more confidence in the larger rewards and auctions :smile:


Thank you :blush:
All good. I can understand why people had questions or were sceptical. It’s the exact reason that I ended up on the forum, as I also wanted as much information about the auctions before I placed a bid. Good luck to you!


I’ve got a funny feeling I’m going to end up reading back and find out what actually went on that has resulted in so many apologies. Although, if the end result is still smiles all round… why worry