New Feature! Auctions!


Hey there,

how did you know that there is an Xbox upcoming in the auctions? Was this pure luck or is there a schedule for auctions?

Best regards


:joy::sweat_smile:. @Phatt.One lol… I’m sure you’ve already read it.


I told you! Best offer yet, not a fan but what a auction. I can’t wait for PS5.


Hope you got 20k coin to bid with then mate. Haha. I got 13K and I highly doubt it would be going for that.


I want the PlayStation anyways, so not fussed :sunglasses:


To be honest, I try and stay away from arguments and things. I’m a bit long in the tooth for that kind of thing.


15k already haha. PS fan anyways. These auctions what’s the point. I just use sweatcoin to be active now that’s all.


12,6k the previous offer.why raise so much?for 450$ value…


I personally think marathon offers should come back. Offer Xbox? PlayStation etc. Something which you can strive towards. Unless you have 15k at least no chance ha…


Vunna get to 15k and try my luck lol. 6 weeks or so yet.


Previously 20k SWC gives $1k means one SWC was $0,05. Now it’s value is decreased like $0.02. So they should be bring marathon offers back.


Any ideas? What will be next auction item? :slight_smile:


I reckon another gift card. Hopefully something worth bidding on


Anyone see the insta live? That was short? Haha


What was it mate… I don’t have Instagram.


Ok… I had a quick read back in the end, for some reason the page opened a little higher up and i’d read through or four post before realising I skipped back days… Istill can’t understand where the argument even came from. Once I realised I was skimmed over so I’m probably missing something somewhere. Did read something about people being begged to buy trainers?!? I have to ask, did it work? If so, It’s been at least a month since I last replaced mine, Given that it’s most common to retire feet every 500miles that means it’s about half a month since I should’ve replaced them again. So if anyone really feels the urgent need to part a couple of hundred quid to buy me a birthday present of some new trainers (I ain’t cheap to keep) I’m not going to start complaining :rofl:.

No takers?

Only messing, as were back in lockdown and another holiday Has had to be cancelled, my birthday has been cancelled this year! At least I can stay 42 for another year. Although, I still need new trainers, I always need new trainers. However, I will buy my own. :sunglasses::+1:t4: That being said, If anyone has a suggestion of outlets with discounts on Asics Gel Kayano 27’s, feel free to share. I was super lucky to catch a pair on offer at Sports Direct online last month. I tried to do a bulk buy to save a little for the year but they only had the one pair left.

The most annoying thing is that I now have a stock of trainers that to look at You would not even imagine had been worn until looking for the tread, or where the tread should be.


I tried it and still no sign of an change :rofl:. Not too bothered at the moment anyway, that seems to be quite a good feed of whats up for grabs on here anyway :sunglasses::+1:t4:


How many coin you got now.


Back up to about 12K now. Not bad for only a few months.


Corrrrr. I’m on 13.2k lol.