New Feature! Auctions!


Rapidly catching up lol. Give it 7 months your have the full 20K! What you aiming for and if you say to do yea to a fundraiser then lol…


7 months… really… seems like a rather long time to earn the remainder :rofl: not really aiming for anything in particular… unless an Asics voucher appears…


Well. Can always buy me something for my birthday in may lol. ;).


@muharrematak please add me i am new):^^


I think should cancel your birthday like I did. At least that way you don’t get any older


Lol. I’m alright mate ;). Only young. Haha. Nike gift card is back… am I right in saying the prizes remain the same but just in rotation.


Unfortunate mate, I know nothing of these auctions. I’ve not seen anything aside from the chat here


Ah ok mate wonder why you haven’t got it yet.


Same old it seems. Nothing new ha


14.5K for Nike gift card lol.


Some joke haha. New to update new offers. Get long term marathon offers.


Yeah or at least two auctions per 12 hour period. 15k for a 1K Nike gift card mental lol.


Absolutely crazy. I’m nearing 10k but that’s not enough is it lol…

Should have Marathon offers we can strive for? Maybe once it’s better. Airline gift cards etc


Although i got something (which im sure ur all bored of hearing) i was aiming for the marathon offer 1k paypal,either way i walk for a living basically so it worked out for me , but as there is only 1 auction aday its gonna get harder to win something the longer it goes as there is alot of ppl out there who use SC and their totals are just gonna get bigger n bigger


Need at least 15k to compete haha. Hopefully they bring back Marathon offers


Or jd sports vouchers. Brother2brother food vouchers etc.


Following today’s app update one cannot look into auctions bidders profile anymore by clicking at the latest bidders…

Looks again like another way of sweatcoins usual strategy of intransparency :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yeah dodgy that lad.


@hansi2019 I didn’t do the latest update, the last 2 times I did that, the app completely screwed up my steps


I never used to do updates as it used to muck up the steps