New Feature! Auctions!


19k for that gift card. Mental …


I’m sure it’s the same prizes on a rotation now lol…


I agree mate. But heyho when I get to 20K in like 4 ish months then happy days surely win something lol.


I’m close to 10k haha! Just see how the app goes it’s always developing.


Yeah we will see. I’m gunna smash it out her my coin margin up and cash out.


Cash out? Lol…

Yeah hopefully market place returns and the auctions become better


Yeah cash out my coin for a prize.


Hopefully something good lol


They need to update offers. Otherwise it’s just gonna get boring haha. Hopefully PlayStation merchandise etc


Yeah true mate I agree


hi, any reason I can’t see auctions in my app? Did the latest update but there is still no auction.


Perhaps it’s not available in your country yet. Also check if your app is up-to-date


If there is a reason, it will be the same reason I can’t see it in mine :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I think it is still being tested but I’m not too sure, I just WALK here (not work here :man_facepalming:). Poor attempt at humour … sorry


@Kyle93 Where do you see the different figures?
I can only find one in my account, which is the combined total for conversions from step counts and daily bonuses (plus a small prize award). I’ve not earned any from referrals, nor been sent any by anyone else (other than the prize award).


I don’t understand what your trying to ask


Balance (total coins) and coins earned (what you can actually use for bidding).
You were speculating that daily bonuses can’t be used, but I only have one figure in my app - and that’s a combination of conversions and bonuses (plus a small prize win). I don’t have any from referrals or transfers in from other users.

Reading more posts down the thread, I’m thinking it could be an iPhone vs Android thing. I’m on Android.


New auctions don’t seem to be the best move of sweatcoin inc.

While this was a nearly 5 star app a few months ago, they are getting tons of 1 star reviews now.

Well, users simply don’t like intransparency and getting fooled…


re balance earned and what you can use for bidding. Android does not show this.


The guy bidding on a PS5 how the hell has he got 18.000 coins at shaker mode

So dodgy genuine people.getting out bid by sweatcoins dodgy accounts


Totally agreed… I asked the same a few weeks back.