New Feature! Auctions!


Yeah but you can’t see anymore


Funny how someone has 20k bid. Knew it was bots bidding.


20k on shaker is quite alot!!!its not impossjble tho i spose,if he has been on the for few years n not spent any??



I won the ps5 this evening. Been on sweatcoins for about 3.5 years but gained most of my coins this year being a trouble maker. I’m a postman and walk 26000 steps a day so max out 50 coins a day.

Just joined to forum to confirm I’m not a bot, will let you know if I actually receive the ps5 or money.

The prize is probably not worth 20k at all but Seems decent for just doing my day to day job :slight_smile:


Lol another postie ,see theres loads of us on here congrats


:joy::joy: kind of makes up for the free overtime forced on me sometimes but guess that’s another thread in itself :joy::joy:

Just an extra note I had 23k coins saved up and never purchased anything. I was saving for the PayPal cash out but that went when I got to 17,000


I’ve had a lot of weird messages from other users since bidding/winning


Hi Letter Carrier myself. Canada Post, Saskatchewan. Where do you deliver?


Taking a look at the latest auctions, average price was only ~500 USD per 48 hours.

Where does all the money from subscriptions and ads on 50m users go to???

Certainly not to a big extend to us sweatcoiners…


Show me a screenshot
Of your earned coins… I’m
Very curious of you having 20K tbh.


That’s so lousy that they blocked the watching function of the profiles in auctions. Intransparency is the synonym for this company…


Yeah lol. When we started to question about how they’ve got such a low
Amount of earned coins but when there bids were exceeding 2/3000 over there actual earned coins made me find it hard to believe. Yeah to me pictures speak a thousand words.


@Hansi2019 starting to believe @DaveUK there ain’t no mega big prizes. … I could bid 20K as soon as I do within 5 minutes someone’s already out bidded me. It’s
Like if you have 20K coins why bother waiting for auction lol… why not get a marathon prize.


Does your max bid on the auctions work like ebay?? Last winner what was your max bid?


Nah it doesn’t seem to be like eBay. It just asks you to increase bid and then that’s the new bid

I bid 19500 with 6 seconds left and someone swooped in with 4 seconds left so quickly typed 20000 and just about won


Show me a screenshot of your earned coins mate. I’m curious.


Saying screenshots files too big? Plus I only have 1.800 coins now as 20000 already gone I’ve converted 15,000,000 steps over 3-4 years. Not fussed if you don’t believe me. But I will be back if my ps5 doesn’t arrive.

I’m going to be slightly annoyed if I end up with the money value as 20k is not worth $499 or whatever the uk conversion is


The make up is back :joy::heart_eyes: @Kyle93 my best chance at the moment


12k for gift card already lol mental.


Congratulations on your win!
I am the winner of the Lululemon gift card auction! My story is similar, I also average over 25,000 steps/day, and took full advantage of the troublemaker mode. Along with the daily spins, and the boost mode, I was able to earn my coin. I also never redeemed any of my coin up until that auction. I had been saving it for a marathon offer, and it took me over 2 years to earn just over 16,000 coin. For me, the advantage of the auction, was I did not have to WAIT to get 20,000! I won with a bid of only 14,525!
Had it did been a marathon offer, at the 20,000 coin required to redeem it, I would not have had enough coin yet.
Anyway, you rightfully earned your win, enjoy it :blush:!