New Feature! Auctions!


Marketplace has disappeared. So auctions is the way forward?


Well well well the marathon offers have all gone as Chowdhury mentions. All we need now is the chances of winning an auction to be next to zero and it’s job done.

The auction has got 1 day 7 hours left to run- next step will be keepIng the auction items open longer and longer.

Ah well at least we know when we are promised things to take them with a pinch of salt!


Thanks for the update.

If this is the new modus operandi I definitely won’t renew my Trouble Maker subscription since I also don’t pay for any kind of other lottery.

I repeat myself but I m not sure whether such a reward system can attract a lot of (paying) users in the long run…,


I don’t think this is great. Unless you have a lot of coins you aren’t guaranteed anything. Sure this can’t be the problem?


No it’s not so good I’m afraid. I think new subscribers will see the app as a way to give to the crowdfunding charities or take advantage of the health offers (that you can get elsewhere anyway).

My very first post on this forum pointed out it wasn’t a sustainable business model as it was and I was given plenty of criticism but as a chartered accountant I know these things.

99p a month paid membership doesn’t sound much but will generate a lot of money for the owners. Good luck to them as they have been very very clever in setting it all up and grossing the membership by dangling that £1000 PayPal reward!

I will watch with interest what happens and maybe there’s more to come on top of the auctions. If there isn’t it’s just become a glorified pedometer.


@DaveUK the market place offers are still showing for me, at the moment (UK).
Agree on the now new concept if this site now becoming a Lottery really now, not a prize giving/ rewarding folk for there hard earned steps.
Let’s see if they tell us something else!..
Was this the big announcement I take it!?


Reckon so. I asked a friend who had downloaded it today to look and there are no marathon offers on theirs at all. The auction is though.


@DaveUK. Am definitely not paying for TM now…
Shame… But just goes to show, the old saying, you don’t get something for nothing…


Same here. I know admin mentioned the introduction of gift cards but wonder if they will be on auction to.

I think it kind of lost its real appeal when the £1000 PayPal reward was removed.

As you say you get nothing for free and if something looks too good to be true it is. I’m annoyed with myself as should have known better at my age! If I looked at the app as at today presuming the marathon rewards have gone and anything of value is auction based I would not have even installed it.


No worries Dave. I understand your point - but if it really becomes what we fear they soon will be confronted with respective feedback on social media and App Store reviews and end up like other scam apps before…


But in the meantime let’s watch how they get it done before final judgement. If it’s for free I have nothing to lose instead of a few kilograms weight which I truly did thanks to sweatcoin :hugs:


Where is this auctions thing I’m reading about?


I think it’s being tested with some users. My friend downloaded Sweatcoin yesterday and the marathon offers have all gone and been replaced by an auction feature. I am guessing once it’s all working ok will be rolled out to everyone.


I have not got it either.


See my message above Kyle. It’s still in test but I reckon will be rolled out soon.


Doh, I could do with a new TV too. Although being honest, I don’t actually watch the one I’ve got. It just looks small in the room.


My theory is. - all the old big marathon prizes that weren’t claimed or disappeared are going to be up for auction. Aka. £1000 will be around 25K coins if a bidding war proceeds. Also… can’t lie I am excited. Finally get to use my coins for something.


Well here in Canada nothing has changed. Marathon offers still there, no auction. Never did see what this market place thing is. $1000 was gone months ago. No TV available. IF there are auctions, and not just available for Europe or USA, I’m in. I agree with Kyle93 finally get use my coins for something.


Yeah @Woxof38 we can only keep our fingers crossed.


Also. Something tells me the daily
Bonus ain’t a contribution towards your own earned coins either. I’ve noticed I’ve got 12.5K coins. But I’ve only ‘earned’ 11988. My friend sent me 250 max… so I’m finding it hard to believe they count towards it