New Feature! Auctions!


Hi, I wondered is it necessary to be a member for 2 years to win the auction?


It more or less is the time frame of having enough coins to get a marathon prize yes. You can’t claim big prizes with coins someone has sent you.


But if we can’t win auctions with other persons transfer then for what transfered coins are for?


Ha Ha, you’ll now get quite a lot of sweatcoins sent to your account (don’t know why). Also your following list will soar in the next few days. Some will ask for you to send them varying amounts of sweatcoin (even though you probably spent them on the auction)!


I’ve been sent over 1000 sweatcoins in the hope I send them stuff back lol


Can you place bids on auctions with other trasfers?


I don’t believe you can my friend. But they can be used on smaller offers which is decent still.



I’ve been sent over 3000 since winning an auction lol some people giving me hundreds…so bizarre. Also it’s been a way for people to send me vile abuse.


Lol that’s strange. In a way it’s good you can buy other stuff


You can block them mate. Click on there profile and block them. Also use the coins for other offers like smaller items lol. Only p&p



It’s getting a bit silly how many coins people keep sending me


Donate them all to a fundraiser. Least they get used for a good cause. Remember support UK first if your British!


Hopefully some good auctions come up soon. I’m saving for the time being. Close to 10k which is decent


Hi there
I bought the mavic air 2 drone at the auction, and got a code via email. What is next?
They haven’t sent me a form yet…
Thx for the help


Congrats mate, I was watching that one. I got the drone auction. Do they send you a form? I got a code but nothing else


I remember it being a bit of a faff to work out. If you go to wallet and click on what you’ve purchased, it should said I’ve claimed it at the bottom, untick it and the form should magically appear


One more member after winning…


Life saver, haha I would never have thought about that, they should tell us that beforehand. Thanks mate, it worked😁


No worries! Look forward to the endless messages and coins from other users now. I’m up to 7.3k coins given to me since last Thursday


Donate. Them. To. A. Fundraiser.