New Feature! Auctions!


Hahahaha yes I noticed that, so weird.
I will donate the coins, good idea


That’s kind of you. Least that way it can distributed evenly and accordingly.


Quick quetsion on Auctions, if you bid, but someone outbids you, do you lose the sweatcoins from your bid? Or do you keep them if someone outbids you?


You only get deducted your bid amount when you WIN a auction. Because it won’t let you bid more then you actually have in your purse.


Just came back to say I just got my drone after almost 4 weeks. Thank you very much sweatcoin! Just on Christmas eve.
I am really happy and looking forward to flying


Update. Ps5 wasn’t in stock but I received the cash today, Merry Christmas to me :slight_smile: can’t complain too much but I will bare this in mind for the next auction I go for. Would of got a lot more cash for the peloton bike lol

Merry Christmas all


I could not agree even more!


It is literally impossible to get 20k on Shaker even for 5 years!!!


Its not impossible if u include the daily bonuses and earn 10 points aday 7 days a week for 5 years lol,in my defence i did think that shaker was the 1 below trouble maker which after looking i relise it aint now


Yes, you are actually right! I did not count the daily bonuses and videos.


That’s 100% true! Feels like spam!