New Feature! Auctions!


Giving it a second thought this auction mode is kind of clever, however more on the companies side.

As marathon offers diminished and voices came up that this is a scam I thought myself how a sustainable walking app could work. I came up with a kind of profit participation where a company adjust its prices to the earnings (from adds and subscriptions) it generates. In such a world the company would quarterly communicate what price someone would get for let’s say 10k coins and users could opt to participate or wait for a better quarter.

Now it’s kind of similar and sweatcoiners (crazy as it sounds) become kind of shareholders in sweatcoin. Why this is: the more profitable sweatcoin becomes the more prices they can give into auction to make the app even more attractive. And like for a stock, the more shares or SWC you have, the higher (on average) your share in this cash stream from rewards will be.

All in all not so unclever from sweatcoin team…


So it’s simply a Lottery now…


A total lottery. I know I sound like a stuck record but the £1000 PayPal was the attraction and it’s all gone downhill since that went. Also we never did get to hear more about those holiday films did we!!


@Oleg @khmelev you really have well and truly ruined this app… you’ve made it into a lottery. We have to pay for subscription to earn decent coin’ your staff have consistently promised proof of
Holidays being claimed etc. It’s all a big liberty really
Isn’t it… you literally are taking the mick out of us.


@Emma @Ashton. Are we just going
To be ignored now? Your both online at least once or twice every couple of days. You’ve seen your tagged in various posts asking for answers. That is your job right? To answer and help us sweatcoiners? Correct me if I’m
Wrong. So if it was the other way round and this was face to face there would be no place to hide. But as it’s all over technology you seem to just pat us off with crap excuses. It’s becoming a bore now… I’ve noticed @Emma is basically left to clean the whole mess up and @Ashton your
Just a goat with cocky reply’s that don’t help


Anything mentioning step targets being achieved, showcasing anything or giving praise get answers on here, twitter and Instagram. Any questions that explore the decline of the value of the app or ask a challenging question are either ignored or given a bland response, usually open-ended in the hope we will simply forget about it.

Admin will do well to remember they can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.


They don’t answer. Why take out marketplace! Who is going to win an auction?


They talk about over a million people use sweat coins but auctions last 2 days then 1 day wait. So total prizes if real are about 120 a year. Will I get a answer if this true, I don’t think so.


Found this in response to a review on the App Store feedback. Confirms marathon offers were never sustainable / there.


Wow! The most open and true answer I ever read from this company.

To be honest - if they don’t play us and give a reasonable share of their revenue into auctions I can live with that, because than it’s a fair game. I mean except for a few bugs on trouble maker (even optional) we pay nothing for this app - also the case why this company owes us nothing even though they started with a kind of promise on marathon offers. If that is the maximum payout capacity of a walking app it simply is as it is…


Hey all!
Just to address some concerns - the marketplace is still there, daily offers and random specials won’t be going anywhere!
The screenshot DaveUK posted above gives a solid explanation to the switch to Auctions from marathon offers - we feel it’s the best way we can currently provide awesome offers of high value to our users, which is still sustainable for us :slight_smile:
Of course we take all feedback into account and we see all of your comments here, and will continue a search for a happier medium for the users :smiley:

I personally apologise for sometimes missing responses / slow replies - but I’m always here for any issues you have that I can help with.
I don’t always have all of the answers straight away, but I assure you I try my best for the quickest, most informative replies!


Are the auctions live? What countries have the auctions? Not in Canada


Currently just testing in UK - not all UK users have it nor worldwide while we ensure there are no issues :slight_smile:


I totally agree Hans. All we are asking for is transparency so we know exactly where we are and if we decide to walk away (no pun intended) fair enough. With hindsight it makes sense it was too good to be true and as advised by my friends maybe I should’ve just not bothered in the first place rather than being taken in. In the meantime will wait to see what the new setup is.


Thanks Ashton. I did suspect the daily offers and random offers would still be there and it would be the marathon ones that disappeared. I am presuming that crowdfunding will remain as well.

The irony is of the marathon ones disappearing when you now have the paid membership option although of course we do not know how many people subscribe.

What will define whether or not sweatcoin continues to grow or falls into decline will be the chances of winning an auction or not. We will see!


Yep crowdfunding is staying aswell - should’ve clarified that one my bad!
There have already been 2 auctions that ended - the latest one went for just 7394 coins! If you save up enough maybe you could enter a bidding war :smiley:


When is it rolled out
All UK
Users. Also what was the prize last auction


So no real incentive anymore to pay for the Trouble Maker upgrade, if its just a lottery now. I may as well buy a lottery ticket every couple of months instead.
The marathon offers and holidays was what enticed us all. So what exactly are the type of prizes we are going to go into auction for?
Will there be trips, and prizes to the value of the marathon offers available at this moment in time?
So short on details…


I would imagine once it is rolled out to everybody the details will be given then Seaside. In the meantime this is what my friend has sent me which shows what has been auctioned and what is currently there. In fairness they are decent but the chances of actually getting one I’ll going to be very, very limited.

I suppose this gives the ability to just auction what they can afford to plus retain whatever profit they decide they wish to make! Although I don’t particularly like it versus the better things that were there and original system have to say it is very clever whoever thought of it!


1000£! Gift card for Nike!! Wow that’s my cuppa tea.